Tuesday, April 27, 2004

I'm moving on up... to the East Side...

I have a zen garden. You know, one of those little boxes with sand, some rocks and a tiny Barbie-sized rake. You can make little designs in the sand and it's supposed to help you stay calm and focus on the task ahead. I bought it yesterday at a local bookstore, along with a new book on Wicca, to keep in my cubie for down times. I definitely needed my zen garden.

Let me set this up for those of you who are new to my blog... I work for a large hospital in the patient accounting department. Our unit, the cash posting unit, is primarily responsible for taking in money from patients and insurance companies and applying it to accounts. My job was to handle all of the insurance company denials, "code" them with a three digit code that reflects the reason for the denial, copy and forward them to other departments for follow-up. I was the Queen Bee of all insurance knowledge and I got used to having people come to me with questions from the very beginning. I enjoyed it. I was good at it.

Honestly, it wasn't challenging me enough. I was craving more responsibility, more details, more independence. So, when the position in Payment Review came up, I went for it. I had done that very same job single-handedly at another hospital prior to working here, so I already had the background. It basically took the same job I was already doing, and allowed me to contact insurance companies, read through contracts, and even get involved in litigation when the insurance companies would not pay. I applied. I was their top pick. I got a raise and a two-level increase in status. I took it.

The cash posting unit I worked in was known for one thing: They are called the "Relief Society" Unit. Relief Society is an affectionate term and Utah/LDS slang for a bunch of motherly women who plan parties, baby showers, funeral dinners, that kind of thing (in reality, it's a group of LDS women who look after the other members and help them out when needed). Every time there's a birthday or a wedding or something like that, my unit had cake and gifts and plants. I had only been in the unit for a month when my wedding came, and they all chipped in for a gift card and a plant - very sweet. We all contributed to help fund the events. Incidentally, I am paid through September... but I digress...

So Friday rolled around and I fully expected a plant or a cake or something to say "thank you, we will miss you." I suppose I shouldn't have expected anything, so I wouldn't have been disappointed. With the notable exception of Lorraine, no one said anything to me on my last day. Nada. Zip. No cake, flowers, plant, kick in the ass... nothing.

A few co-workers from other departments took me out on Friday to a local bar to celebrate my promotion. They seemed to be more angry than I was about the whole thing. "Damn, girl, every time someone sneezes twice in a row, they plan a potluck!" True, true.

So, it was very interesting yesterday, while I was finishing setting up my cubie, that my former supervisor asked for my help. I am the only one who knows how to do the electronic downloads and the primary person was out sick. She asked if I could help them out - which I graciously agreed to. I walked to my old cubie, kicked Stacey out of her chair and did the downloads for them. It took me all of 20 minutes, no big deal. Not one person said anything to me, not good morning, how are you, kiss my ass. Nothing. Except Stacey. She was happy to see me.

I am the betrayer, the traitor, the jezebel. I chose another department over them. Whatever.

I realized just how cliquey my old unit turned out to be. I like to know different people from other units, and that has served me well. I am a Butterfly and it would do me no good to do otherwise because that is not who I am. Management knows me because I didn't keep my head down and I got to know other people - and I think it paved the way for my promotion.

It should be noted that my lovely Lindi bought me a small fern on Saturday. She said I deserved it. I love her.

I will continue to be gracious and to help when called upon. After all, we all work for the same common goal. I can let it go now, but it taught me a valuable lesson about the co-workers you think are your friends. And it taught me that I will take self-improvement and self-respect over a cake anyday.

Except if it's a double devils food cake with chocolate whipped cream icing and dark chocolate roses. Screw self-respect when it comes to chocolate.

Also, BIG THANK YOU to Tubbs for the sweet post yesterday. I love you too, honey. And THANK YOU to all the wonderful guest bloggers to grace my space the past couple of weeks. Your logons are still active. Feel free to stop by and say hello!

ADDENDUM: The co-workers I went out with on Friday just brought me a bamboo plant for my new cubicle. They made a point of it, making sure my old unit saw them bring it over, saying very loudly, "Welcome, Connie! We got you a plant! We are happy to have you over here!"

I love silent statements that aren't so silent.

Drink of the day: House Cafe' with raspberry shot and skim milk
CD on the Playa: Melissa - all of them

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