Thursday, April 29, 2004

Settling In...

The job is going well. I am officially through the first phase of training – basically navigating the programs and the "how" of what I do. I already know the job itself, but this is a new place, new ways of doing things. The programs are awesome, the computer tracks my call lists and accounts, and I can pend them out to come back up later. It’s awesome.

I have pictures up in my cubicle. I have my coffee cup. I have my Atlanta mug with my pens and pencils. I have Happy Bunny proudly displayed. Angelina is on the computer wallpaper... Melissa is on the CD Playa. It’s starting to feel like home.

I am pleased with how American Idol went last night. Goodbye, Redhead from hell. Seriously, the guy should have been sent home weeks ago. I am starting to think it’s gonna be between Diana DeGarmo, Fantasia and Latoya London. Although, you can’t really put George aside, either. And I love love love Jasmine Trias… but she’s not quite *there* enough to pull it to the top 2.

I miss Amy Adams, though.

Oh, I need to give you an update on the children!

I took Mister and Mickey to the vet on Saturday. Mister did pretty well, got his shots and got chipped. He wasn’t liking it too much and grabbed onto the examining table so the vet couldn’t get a good grip. What a fighter.

Mickey, on the other hand, was a very good kitty. He was very personable with the vet, and not skiddish like he normally is. The vet "molested" him, chipped him, gave him his shots and then took a good look at his front teeth. One of his canine teeth, literally, poked straight out of his mouth. Lorene calls it the "snaggletooth" We couldn’t tell if it was a birth defect or a trauma that caused it, and it was confirmed by the vet that Mickey’s jaw had been previously broken, healed itself, and the tooth was abnormally healed. We opted for the vet to pull it.

The vet gave Mickey both anesthesia AND gas... pulled the tooth (which ended up being a lot harder than he thought)... and we took him home pretty doped up. I cuddled with him for a good hour, and then he ran and hid under the bed. He was sent home with amoxicillin liquid, twice a day, to get that healed up nicely.

The vet tried to tell me it looked like he was hit by a car and that’s what broke his jaw. Lorene and I wouldn’t doubt that it actually came at the hands (or steel-toed boot, or golf club, or baseball bat) of a human. No wonder the poor baby hates people.

Almost immediately after his dental surgery, we have noticed that he stopped hiding his head. We think the tooth was ultra sensitive and probably caused him a lot of pain. Now, his mouth looks WONDERFUL and he is starting the cycle of adopting us as his family. He is getting easier to handle and let’s us love on him longer.

Last night, he enjoyed catnip with Mister and Miss and we were actually able to get pictures of all three of the kids! Mister and Mickey just lounged around, rolling on the carpet, enjoying the buzz. Miss, on the other hand, gets a weird sort of mean bitch attitude when she has catnip. She walked right over to Mister and bit him – hard. Mister calmly looked up and swatted her almost across the room. You could practically hear him say "Stop it, bitch, yo ruining my hiiiiggghh…"

Anywhoo, at work, still working, will check in later…

From Maine’s blog: How to deal with Telemarketers…

*Pretending to be a talking alligator when telemarketers call:
Yeah, seriously. You haven't lived until you've done this...

Five minutes into the phone call:
Guy: "So, you'd save a lot of money by switching to us."
Me: "I know, but, being an alligator, I don't have much use for long distance phone service."
Guy: "Do you have relatives out of state?"
Me: "Some in Florida..."
Guy: "Do you ever call them?"
Me: "I'd like to, but they don't really know how to work the phone. I'm pretty sure my dad would just gnaw on it if he ever heard it ring."
Guy: "So, you're sticking with this alligator thing?"
Me: "I can't help the way I was born."
Guy: "..."
Me: "..."
Guy: "Is there anyone at home who isn't an alligator?"
Me: "Hang on. Let me check..."
Guy: "..."
Me: "No. Just alligators. I'm very sorry."

Drink of the day: House Cafe' with Irish Creme shot
CD on the Playa: Melissa Breakdown


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