Thursday, May 13, 2004

88 Lines About 44 Women...

Lindi's brother has an extensive music collection and did the unthinkable - he lent me about 2500 songs. I am now purusing through his CDs and writing down some of the highlights... the songs I want to burn myself!

Yesterday was good. I started the process of getting real with the people in my life that I wanted to be with me on my journey. The responses ranged from "yeah, and???" to "Sorry, I won't be on this journey with you."

My favorite was Toni. It started with a heartfelt message expressing my love for her and Rob and how much I value her friendship.

Toni: "Are you dying?"

ME: "No, honey. I'm not."

Toni: "Am I dying?"

ME: "We will all die eventually. But no, that is not the reason for the email. Just something that needed to be said."

Toni: "We love you too, but I still think someone is dying..."

Leave it to Toni to make me laugh during something serious.

I came home and found my wifey in the kitchen cooking dinner and a beautiful array of fresh berries and fruit, cheese and crackers, and an icey Diet Coke waiting for me. She had called earlier in the day and asked what I wanted for dinner. Instead of saying, "Whatever you want" I told her that I had been craving cheese, fruit and crackers. Voila! I also wanted a bath before dinner, so Lindi helped me run it, and helped me into it, and I enjoyed a lesiurely bath before a great dinner.

Amazing what you can accomplish when you ... um... communicate...

Drink of the day: Diet Coke and water
CD on the Playa: "Music for Work" via Bill


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