Friday, May 07, 2004

It Only Hurts When I Breathe...

I really enjoyed the two-hour series finale of Friends. I knew what was going to happen, it was pretty obvious (except for the twin part – that threw me), but when Rachel stood in the doorway and said “I made it off the plane,” I got a lump in my throat. Yes, I am a mushy mush.

ER was fantastic, as always, and I am completely heartbroken that Carter and Kem’s baby died. That was just wrong. I know they are setting it up so that Carter has no “ties” so he could philander about with Abby or someone, but c’mon! We need a happy baby story! None of this give us a baby and then take it away. They’ve done that TWICE in the last 3 weeks, dammit. And I don’t like Sam’s ex-husband. Ick ick icky. He’s gonna beat the shit outta her or something.

I’m starting to think I could definitely write for television. Maybe not comedy, but I am starting to feel pretty good about story-lines. Or maybe they have become too predictable. Yeah, that’s it.

I am at work, and plugging away. I feel like I am being babysat. I know there are rules, and the rules apply to everyone, but I hate it when a little lee-way is taken away because people abuse it. I meet expectations and productivity already in my new job, so wtf is the problem if I have a couple of emails? Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t get called on the carpet. All of the employees got the same schpeal. But wouldn’t it make sense to talk to the one’s who aren’t meeting productivity and are abusing the email and internet policy? Makes sense to me. Oh, and our cell phones need to be turned off at work. That’s okay, I don’t take calls on my cell at work. But if we make a call on our break, we have to take it OUTSIDE the office.

I love my job. I love my employer and the opportunities that have been laid out for me. But I am not a child. If I don’t meet productivity, then bully me all you want. As for other busy-bodies in this office, they should shut the hell up and do their work and quit worrying about what everyone else is doing. They spend more time complaining and back-stabbing than working. Most of the employees here are awesome, and I enjoy interacting with them. But there are those few… I guess you are gonna find that in any large company. Maybe it’s human nature.

Well, as some of you have heard, the Friday Five has been discontinued. So, this is where YOU come in. (This idea inspired by the beautiful Pixie)

Write me a question. Or two. Or Five. Put it below in the comments section. I will answer them on my next break. The first person with a question will definitely get the truth, the others are sketchy.

Drink of the day: Chocolate Milk - seriously
CD on the Playa: Radio and Melissa (god, I am not original, am I?)


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