Thursday, May 06, 2004

Keep On Keepin' On...

Yup, they are cracking the whip again. I guess more people have gotten in trouble with the internet and email, so they reviewed the policy. Again. Sheesh. Now I can't even surf the web when I am on hold anymore. Well, that's okay. Every couple of hours, I can check my email and the blogs. It's not the end of the world.

Good news – my mother told my father not to pursue the other house. After she did a little figuring, she decided it would be less expensive to have a house built to their expectations than to buy the other house and have it modified. They are looking at a year, and in that time, they are improving my family home with new cabinets, new bathroom tiling and showers, etc. That gives me enough time to dig deep into my finances and get set up for a mortgage. At least then, I can decide if I can let the house be sold or not instead of feeling the pressure to do something about it immediately.

I'm gonna pull my credit reports and probably work with a credit counselor to get everything paid off. I don’t have a TON of debt, just a lot of miscellaneous bullshit that needs to be cleared up. I was on the right track and then just fell off track copletely when Lindi and I moved in together before the wedding. Amazing how your priorities change.

I know I will feel a lot better when I do this. I will feel more in control of my finances instead of my finances controlling me. Then we can think about a baby.

I jammed my toes really good last night while walking around in the dark. Now two of my toes ache like crazy and my foot is throbbing. I am sure I broke one of them, but there's nothing they can do about that, so I’ll just take it easy for the next little while. Add to that my back, which was killing me when I woke up, and the happy allergies that seem to have invaded my eyes this afternoon and I am just peachy keen! Benedryl induced coma – here I come.

Looking forward to the weekend and upcoming week. Saturday is bill paying day and relaxing, Sunday is Mother’s Day, next Tuesday I have a Tarot reading with the lovely Kristen, Thursday is lunch with Stephanie and Kristen and next Friday will be awesome – Jenn is coming over to fix us all dinner and have a game night. I am happy to reconnect with my friends. I miss that. I haven't seen Steph and Kristen in sooo long. Too long.

Love out to Tre'. You sexy mama.

Drink of the day:Diet Coke
CD on the Playa:Melissa Compliation


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