Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Is Anyone Out There, 'Cause It's Getting Harder and Harder to Breathe...

That title hold no significance, it's just on the radio right now.

I guess I should mention how happy I am that I can pick up radio reception at my cubie now. Couldn't before. There's a perk.

And it's official. I am upper crust here in the office. I got a Rolodex today. Brand new. Wanna touch me, I'm so cool?

The verdict on Sarah is: The double knee scopes did NO GOOD whatsoever. There's 2 grand out of pocket for no apparent reason. Her kneecaps still move at will. She can either have an extensive knee surgery that includes bone grafting or we can start hitting the weights again. We're hitting the weights. And the stationary bike. All of us. Bless her heart. And I am throwing out all of the stupid shoes with the huge soles that she begs her grandmother to buy her so she can be trendy. I know that's part of the problem. Maybe she'll listen to me now.

Drink of the day:House Cafe' with orange shot, double milk
CD on the Playa:radio


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