Friday, May 14, 2004

Sippin' on Gin and Juice...

I wish.

I am having a pretty good day. Trying to get into a special project we need to have completed, and I am lacking for motivation. But, hell, I am here and doing my best.

I am rather drained still. I am looking forward to this weekend to recoup and sleep a little more, get some reading in, and really take care of myself and some things I want to accomplish. I want to burn some CDs. I really want to go thru my closet and throw out old clothes and shoes, and I know Lindi would love that. I need to look at things to include in the Yard Sale we are having on June 19th, too.

I need to learn how to replace a zipper. Argh. Never done it.

Upon inspiration, I decided one of the happiest times I can recall is when the "gang" used to get together just to chat and hang out on Lorene's lawn. I thought, hey, why can't we still do that? Yeah, it's been about 10 years, but other than our busy lives, why haven't we? So, I sent out invitations to the gang, and hopefully a majority of them can make it. My lawn, blankets and law chairs, munchies and beverages, music and conversation. It would do a spirit good!

Hope your Friday goes quickly!

Drink of the day: Irish Creme cafe and fruit
CD on the Playa: Bill's CDs


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