Monday, April 18, 2005

We’ve Given Up our Sex Life for ‘The L Word’…

This weekend was eventful, but not for the usual eventful things.

Thursday night, I stopped by Comcast and picked up two digital cable boxes for our home. Lindi has been requesting Showtime for I don’t know how long, especially for "The L Word." We don’t feel like actual Lesbians unless we are up to date on what’s going on with those girls. We were giggly excited about the “On Demand” feature, which allows us to watch whatever we want when we want. That’s what I call entertainment.

Friday, I was so sick to my stomach, I couldn’t stand it, so I called in and stayed home. I watched TV and pretty much laid around, wishing I could spend the day with Lindi watching more lesbian drama, but I refrained from watching it without her.

Sarah came home for the weekend on Saturday, and w had some great family time. It’s been hard having her stay with her grandmother, but we know it’s the best thing for her. The doctor told us if she accidentally bends her knee in the next 4 weeks, it could permanently disable her, so she is not to take off her brace until then. Looks like she’s out for the rest of the school year (they have too many stairs) so we are going to try long distance learning so she can still maintain her grades.

Sunday, my family decided to get me out of the house, so we went to the duck park and fed the ducks and fish. It was a really great way to relax and get some air.

So, last night, we are watching, of course, “The L Word,” and I noticed something interesting. In this episode, the guest stars were Camryn Manheim and Melissa Rivers. First of all, I adore Camryn. Love love love her. She can do no wrong as far as I am concerned. Playing a strong willed Film Exec, who may or may not be a lesbian (we're not sure yet) is just the kind of role that's made for her.

But what the hell is up with Melissa Rivers? Does she actually have a talent other than being the daughter of Joan? Seriously. She played… herself… as a lesbian - scratch that - as a “Non-labeled” person who steals a girlfriend from one of the main characters, Dana. She even kissed her. It was thoroughly painful.

Hey, I am all up for actresses stretching their range and playing lesbians. Charlize Theron did it - and did it well. But to play yourself and try to pass yourself off as one is… well… just wrong. Don’t jump on the “Lesbian Chic” bandwagon with Anne Heche and the rest of them. It’s not convincing, and it makes you look pathetic… and the rest of us suffer for it.

Especially Melissa Rivers. I think someone needs to lock her in a room with herself for a while. She would annoy herself to death.


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