Wednesday, August 01, 2001

And the Road to Recovery is Lined with Gold
G is doing well, and now she is stir crazy. PlayStation is not pacifying her anymore, and if she watches "one more god-damned movie"...I'm afraid of what will happen. Luckily, today we have to get her to the Dr, so whilst we are out, I'm getting her a haircut and going to lunch...oh, and buying her the new Harry Potter book. That should keep the wolves at bay.

Nice to see Lorene and Toni's new designs...I purposefully left the Little Blue Doggie motif because A: Toni loves dogs and B: Toni hates cats and C: since I have both, I can pick! I am getting into this template altering thing, too. I'm enjoying myself.

LORENE: If someone takes it a little too personal, that is their issue, not yours. Blogging is supposed to be cathartic and expressive. So I say Screw 'em. I've asked you once if a particular Blog was directed at me, we discussed it, and moved on. I think this is also a place to *WARNING: Covey-Institute phrasing afoot* Start a Dialogue on issues. So, I say, DO IT. Besides, you are trying to do more things for yourself. DO THEM!


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