Tuesday, March 05, 2002

The Weekly Update...or so.

Well, my taxes are finally done, thanks in BIG part to G and Jennifer. Without them, I would still be bogged down in receipts and records. It is amazing to me that a company like AVON doesn't send you out an actual 1099 unless your profit is over $5,000. The rest of us? Well, we get to account for everything ourselves. All said and done, I will probably be getting around $1,000 back on the business end, not counting what I overpaid in actual payroll taxes. I promosed G and Jen a night at Red Lobster. Lobster and champagne, baby!

Work is going well, today is busy but I am able to handle it. My left shoulder has been bothering me, so I finally got into the doctor, turns out I have a pinched nerve in my neck which is making my arm, hand and elbow go numb and hurt like hell every night. Physical Therapy twice a week for 2 weeks oughta take care of it. Yes, I am seeing G's Physical Therapist, a lovely lady named Anne. I still think G should ask her out, but I am not allowed to say that anymore.

Speaking of G, she will be turning 32 tomorrow. I think she blogged about her birthday presents so far, I am glad she liked them. Make sure you give a great big Birthday SMOOCH to her tomorrow.

The parents are well, if not better, lately. The weekend in Wendover was just what the Dr ordered... champagne, bubble baths, prime rib and some quality time spent with G. I am still of the mind that you can spend time with your ex without the world caving in. If you can't, maybe you shouldn't have married them in the first place. A friend of mine told me she was happy to see the two of us still so close, it said something about the kind of people we are. I truly believe that.

The car's in the shop, for the second time in two weeks. It is getting more and more expensive to fix her, I am thinking it's time to check into a new car. I have had the intrepid since 95, and she's been great. I am thinking of checking out a pre-owned Lexus ( I love those damn things), and XTerra or maybe a Chrysler Seabring convertible in "Pimp Daddy" Gold. Whatcha think?