Friday, August 18, 2006


My Mom called to tell me my cousin had found my blog... Hello, Tony! So many people know about it, it just never dawned on me that my own family wouldn't know.

Send me an email so we can get together for coffee sometime, Tony. I haven't seen you in YEARS!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Changes and more changes

Sorry I haven't been posting for some time now. I just haven't had the motivation, so many things going on around here! You will see changes on the template of my blog as I update it. Please be Patient!

Work - great. Family - drama yet good. Health - depends on the day, unfortunately.

I have been involved in a group recently called Soldier's Angels and have adopted a soldier in Afghanistan and sent her cards packages and letters often. She's a single mom and it's really been rewarding helping someone feel that they are appreciated.

I have also been pretty involved with my team at work - planning potlucks and trying to get them to invest more in their work. It seems to have done the trick - our produictivity was up 25% in June - phenominal. I was awarded Top Contributor for July, which was very nice. We had a "Pirate Party" which was a blast and I received a gorgeous laser embossed coffee mug as my award. Pretty nifty.

So, I best get outta here. Losts to do - looking forward to relaxing at the Meat Fest tonight!