Thursday, November 29, 2007

More Focus, People

Well, I spoke too soon. I thought everything was going swimmingly at work, but it looks like MY part of Open Enrollment is just beginning. I have a huge error report that needs to be addressed and umpteen problems. So, how does a girl deal with it? She ignores it and blogs! Just kidding.

I have narrowed down my Christmas projects for this weekend and Lindi is doing great by scout-shopping for me so I know what to budget. I am really looking forward to adding these projects and items to my repitiore and my website, which Mike got back up for me yesterday. I am excited to start my RGS business back up again. Really, Summer and Christmas are the only times I think it will be running, I just don't see us exploding the market just yet. Brynn is working hard to get her inventory all built up, so that is great news for the website. We have our Craft Fair here at work on Wednesday, so this weekend will be focusing on those items and the inventory for the website, as well as making a few Christmas gifts.

After the success of the cakes on Tuesday, I have decided to only do cakes by special request and not really go "into" it as a business (sorry, Johnathan, I know you wanted me to...). Could I? Sure. I would love to have a home bakery and make beautiful wedding cakes 3 times a month, but really, baking is my hobby and stress relief. I don't want to make it into something that I have to do, I want it to remain a luxury. So, special requests it is!

I jumped on eBay and got a few resource books for my Excel classes. I spoke with the District and found out that I need to come up with my own curriculum, which is no big deal since I used to teach in a computer lab as a job anyway. My mother told me she was proud of me for going back to teaching, which is really what I planned to do with my life before... well... life happened. How many people get to do something part-time that has always been their dream? I'm one of the lucky ones that can do that and give back to the community at the same time. My dad thinks it's the best part-time job I could get and Lindi is so happy for me - she might take the class with her mom. It's great when those who know you the best see what will make you happy in life and support it fully.

I am meeting with the couple whose wedding is in April next week. They sent me the sweetest email and asked me to officiate, and they have picked their Charity to donate part of my renumeration to - No More Homless Pets! I knew I liked them. The ceremony is 99% written, I just pretty much have to show up and sign the paperwork. I am so excited to help them on their special day.

It's the first time in a long time I have been living in my authentic self - doing what makes ME happy - and not worrying about what others think. I had gone to a movie with my friend Shane S. and we talked about living in our potential and not working toward our dreams but working IN our dreams. He has a dream to move to France and sing in their full-time Opera. He has a beautiful voice, no real strings to staying here, and still wasn't sure until he asked himself what would make him happy. He is so committed and working each day to live IN his dream and will be moving to France in May. His family and friends are totally behind him. Shane is an inspiration to me.

So, I opened myself up to the things that make me happy - creativity, teaching, spirituality, community - and all four came back to me with opportunities to express myself and do great things. I am blessed with the support of my wife and my family and friends and I just feel like I am living in my promise. Everything I do takes time, but isn't a burden. I just feel like ME - I have missed this feeling!

Hope your week finds you well and happy!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

And Then, there was Turkey…

I thought the summer was bad – ha! The last few weeks have been packed and packed with things and friends and football and turkey. It’s pretty hard to catch up, but I will try.

Saturday the 10th, I went to an auction at South Valley Universalist/Unitarian and had a blast. I donated one of my custom cakes and Brynn donated a basket of her lotions, bath gels and bath products. They had decorated in a Cruise Ship theme – and it absolutely looked fantastic, all the way down to deck chairs and lighted palm trees. I ended up getting a pair of tickets to the Allies Dinner for Equality Utah (normally $100 apiece, I paid a little less…) and some other items, which made for a nice donation. Free refillable Margaritas and a gorgeous dinner were just the ticket for a wonderful evening with friends!

Sunday the 11th, C’s 36th birthday at the Olive Garden. Good times, lots of laughs, Pomegranate Martinis and Gnocchi. I love those little potato pillows. Seriously. In Love. Lindi and I really enjoyed ourselves. Happy Birthday C!

Friday the 16th, Planned and executed a surprise baby shower for a co-worker – only to find out his wife went into labor the same day! So, we had a party without him!

Tuesday the 20th, National Day of Remembrance for the Transgendered Community. I was commissioned to provide a beautiful cake for the TEA (Transgendered Education Alliance) Party following the Candlelight Vigil in remembrance for all those lost to violence or medical neglect due to their transgendered status. I took a few pictures of the cakes and the vigil, which moved me to tears.

One of several children who came to pray for those we lost.

A field of names – the ones in white passed in 2007. We remembered each of them, spoke their name, how they passed, and sent our wishes to the Universe for them to rest in peace.

Reverend Sean Parker Dennison lighting a candle in hope.

Afterward, we had a party and awards ceremony for the Individual and the Group who most positively impacted the Transgendered Community for 2007. Here are the cakes I provided for the reception.

“Chocolate Enchantment” Chocolate with Chocolate Fudge filling, White Chocolate fondant and handmade flowers, bows and edible pearls

My new Signature Cake, “French Vanilla Pirouette”. French Vanilla cake with Red Raspberry filling, frosted with Meringue frosting, wrapped with 50 French Vanilla Pirouette cookies and topped with Lindt Swiss White Chocolate shavings. Yummy!

They were so pretty, no one wanted to cut them, so I had to do the honors. Once I did that – they were gone…

Thanksgiving, was great. We had it at my Mom’s and we all pitched in, bringing our specialties and I brought the new recipe for the year, Gingerbread Pumpkin Trifle. It was amazing! Good times were had by all, a little family drama, but a lot of love.

Lindi and I had Sunday off together, so we reorganized the craft room, moved the computer desk and rearranged all the furniture, put up the new wrapping station table and made it easily accessible for Connie’s Christmas Projects as well as getting incense together for a work Holiday Boutique!

Last night was Monday Night Football, featuring the Steelers and the Dolphins, so we had to invite D and T over for spaghetti dinner with salad and garlic bread, chips and dips, bbq little smokies and snickerdoodles, (and lots of trash talking), while their teams fought on the cold, raining and sloshy gridiron. The whole game was just unreal, with the way the field was trashed, but we laughed and enjoyed each other’s company. I think we might plan weekly Monday Night Football plans.

Next week is my work’s Holiday Boutique and Holiday party, so we are gearing up for the Christmas Season. It is always so packed. I am doing a lot of holiday crafts as presents this year, so my evenings will probably be spent in my craft room.

Oh, and great news! In the New Year, I will be an instructor at a local Community Education program. I’m starting with two night classes in Excel, but it might blossom as the weeks go on into something bigger. The pay is minimal, but the rewards are endless. I am truly excited!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Horoscope for the Day

Now that the Moon is in your stable 2nd House, it's time to build structure into a project that you already started. This doesn't have to be hard work, for you are mentally charged now and are thinking of new ways to push yourself along your chosen path.
Try not to get too frustrated if it's difficult for you to focus today; just let your thoughts flow and pick a few good ones to put into action.

Friday, November 02, 2007

It Will Be Me

Melissa Etheridge

If you hear a voice,
It the middle of the night,
Saying it’ll be all right,
It will be me.

If you feel a hand,
Guiding you along,
When the path seems wrong,
It will be me.

There is no mountain that I can’t climb,
For you I’d swim through the rivers of time,
As you go your way, and I go mine,
A light will shine, and It will be me.

If there is a key that goes to your heart,
A special part, it will be me.
If you need a friend, call out to the wind,
To hold you again, it will be me.

Oh, how the world seems so unfair,
Creating a love that cannot be shared,
As you go your way, and I go mine.
A light will shine And it will be me.

I see ever after,
There’s a place for two,
In your tears and laughter,
I’ll be there for you.
In the sun and the moon,
In the land and the sea,
Look all around you,
It will be mine.

There is no mountain that I can’t climb,
For you I’d swim through the rivers of time,
As you go your way, and I go mine,
A light will shine, and It will be me.

It will be me… it will be me.

I have my first Wedding! YAY! The couple I met with a couple of weeks ago emailed me when they got back into town and told me they would love to have me officiate their wedding. I am completely thrilled, because I just love their energy and their outlook on life. I am so excited! We will schedule a time to meet once more, go over the ceremony and the suggestions I gave them and finalize the contract. Whoot!

Tonight is going to be fun as well, I am taking my wife on a date to a movie, and then probably endless shrimp at Red Lobster. She’s been craving it since last night.

My dad took his Expedition down to Dee at Advanced Auto Salon to have it detailed after the deer hunt and he could not have been more thrilled. She took such good care of him and his vehicle was to die for when she was finished with it. I tell ya, the girl knows her stuff. THANKS DEE!

Not much to update today, just doing really well… releasing the spiritual and emotional toxins is hard work! But I am so blessed with the positive people who surround me now, and their love and support.

"Live your life with Hope in your eyes, Kindness in your heart, and Fire in your soul, and all regrets will be left behind" - S. Martinak

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Wonderful Halloween!

Lindi and I really had a beautiful Halloween. I was able to rush home from work with a perfect Pumpkin, carved it and placed our candles outside on our porch. It was really beautiful when we were done.
  • One candle was placed to the north, south, east and west, thanking the Guardians for their protection throughout the year
  • One candle surrounded by cat figurines thanking the animals here and passed for their companionship, love and protection
  • One candle for those we love who are just beyond the veil to join and mingle with us this night and ask for their protection against those who would do us harm
  • One candle for the Goddess, thanking her for the bounty of the year
  • One candle for friends, family, and strangers travelling during the evening that they do so in safety and harken them to our door for respite from the cold.
  • The Pumpkin in the middle

When we were finished, the neighbors thought we were having a seance until I explained to them what the candles meant.

We ended up having 3 times as many trick or treaters this year and it was really fun. Our cats hung out on the porch and enjoyed having all these people come and visit. I went outside and closed the evening by giving thanks once more and snuffing the candles. I slept very peacefully last night as I felt surrounded by the Love of the Universe and felt good in my decisions I've made recently.

I know I am where I am supposed to be.

Doesn't mean I don't feel the loss. But I know the loss is for what was, not for what it became which was toxic and hateful. I don't need that in my life - at any level.

I hope your Halloween was beautiful and wonderful!