Thursday, November 29, 2001


If I was a James Bond villain, I would be Pussy Galore.

I enjoy flying, a good roll in the hay, and nerve gassing army bases.

I am played by Honor Blackman in Goldfinger.

Who would you be? James Bond Villain Personality Test

We're Gonna Write a Book...

72 hours ago, I was devistated.

48 hours ago, I was a total mess.

24 hours ago, I was lost and upset.

Tonight, G and I went to dinner and laughed and planned my moving out; we went over floor plans for an apartment for me and discussed sharing a storage unit. We're gonna have a packing party, invite our friends, eat pizza, and move on.

And when it is all done, we're gonna write a book "How to Break Up...and Keep Your VCR".

Tonight, I remembered all the reasons why I fell in love with her to begin with. I realized that we can still be good together...if we're not together. We're not gonna fight over the petty things, because that would only jeopardize our friendship, and how stupid would that be?

Hopefully, she will wait at least 6 months before she visits my church to scope out the hot Greek babes. You know how those blondes are about us beautiful mediterannian women...

So, life goes on. And how strangely it is going, too. I didn't think I would get to this point right away, but both of us feel such relief, it's as if we have both just survived cancer or something.

And we still love each other dearly. No question.

Thanks to everyone for their phone calls and blogs of support. You all are tremendous people. You can email the both of us without much worry now, we're doing good, and supporting each other. G told me this lit a match under her ass, and she is using this time to concentrate on herself, and on school. I can't think of anything better than that.

We'll let you know when the packing party is. And we will probably both be at the Christmas shindig at Danny's. I hope it won't be too weird. We'll probably both be happier people.

Horoscope (by

You could feel better if you talk with someone. Right now, you might be trying to sort out a complex relationship. Maybe you are having some troubles getting along with a parent or sibling. Or perhaps you are hitting a challenging period in your current romance. Talk to someone who isn't involved in the situation. You need an objective view. It could be helpful to chat with a friend or a therapist. Share your concerns with someone who really understands you.

Ya Think?!?!

Sleep Finally Comes...

Okay, some of you know what's going on, others only keep in touch thru my blog (how pathetic is THAT?!). I suppose I should explain a little, even if you have already figured it out.

Gracie and I have split. We are in the horrific process of separating our things and getting me moved. I will be *temporarily* staying with The Mom until I have secured my own place. For now, G is staying with a friend and getting her head together and I am at home.

Most of you had seen this coming, and it certianly doesn't make it easier. It most certianly doesn't mean we don't love each simply means we love each other enough to know when we are hurting, and at least this way, we can have some hope of being in one anothers lives. If I stay, that chance grows smaller and smaller and eventually to nothing.

G will be coming home this weekend, and we will get more of our stuff sorted out. Don't worry, we are both okay.

Thanks to everyone for their help and open ears and hearts the last few days. Please call G when you get a chance, I know it would mean a lot to her.

Tuesday, November 27, 2001

Okay, Okay....

Yes, I know I have been aloof and a bit bitchy. I apologize. I just have a world of stuff going on in my head. To those of you who have felt the brash of me lately, I am sincerely sorry. I know, JJ, I have nothing to apologize for, I just don't like unloading on my friends if I can help it. I have things I need to deal with....hell, we all do. I don't like leaning. I am usually the one who is leaned on. I am not in my comfort zone, and I am stretched waaaaay out there right now.

I haven't slept very well since Thanksgiving (sound familiar Lorene?) and I think that's most of the problem. We are coming up on a Moon cycle and that has thrown me for a loop. My stomach doesn't like food very much, I think I have had 2 complete meals in the last week, both in the presence of someone else. (Even now, G is asking me if I've eaten, and what do I want to eat, and I really should eat...)

I should go to the doctor. I should go to a shrink. Hell, I don't know.

You know, the good thing about blogs is you can just ramble and no one will tell you to shut up or that what you have to say is worthless. Nice to know it's here. And y'all are so used to me not blogging, you probably won't check my site for another month, and by then, I'll be doing better! *laugh*

I think I am going to get contacts. Someone once told me I hide behind my glasses and I have pretty eyes. I think my glasses make me look smarter. I don't know... Thoughts on the subject? *points to the TELL ME ABOUT IT tag*

Added a Top 5 songs stuck in my head... I even added clickable links so you can hear samples. I know they're kinda depressing...except for Brown eyed Girl...*big sigh*...Oh, well...

I love you. I'm going to go to bed, take a sleeping pill, and drift off to oblivion. Things will be better in the morning.


Hey Guys,

About my SnorComments...You know, the "TELL ME ABOUT IT" section at the end of each blog...

Have to update it, but the templates are down right now. I will fix it tonight. Until then, feel free to email me with your wonderful insights! I've been loving your emails as of late, keep them up. They're like a big, warm, fuzzy blankey....

Monday, November 26, 2001

Thought for Bedtime...

Isn't Angelina Jolie just the most perfect creature?

Or perhaps Tori Amos?

Naw, it's gotta be Angelina....



I would like to post a pic of myself by the Blog Description to be permanently placed at the top. How do I do that?!

(This pic)

The Harry Potter Story...

I really must share this, as well...G, Dondra, Cameron, Glennie and I saw HP on opening day. What a MADHOUSE. First, the parking, simply stated, SUCKED. I drove the lots, and all surrounding lots, for 45 minutes, until G came out and stood in a space and called me on my cell. I have to say that I really enjoyed the movie, even though I saw it after working a full day and driving straight to the theatre.

Then we get a call on Saturday from Jeffiner inviting us to see HP...again! Twice in two days, G couldn't have been a happier chipmunk.

Have I told anyone lately how much I love movies? I looooove movies. Nothing better in this world, methinks. Yes, Toni, I hear you jumping up and down screaming "Better than sex?! Better than sex?!"

By the way, Ton', what happened to the leather whip you got at last years Christmas party? (tee hee hee) Y'all going to the shindig on the 8th at Danny's? I PROMISE NOT TO GIVE OUT AVON CRAP. Well, maybe....


I APOLOGIZE. I love you both DEARLY!!! I will never not-Blog in your presence again!!!

By the way, G wanted me to remind y'all that it's "Be Kind to Connie" week. She found all the 80's pictures of us and WILL display them on her Blog, so help us all....

Okay, and a Special Treat for William...

I have told a couple of you this story, but it bears repeating.

As most of you know, I am teaching Sunday School. A couple of weeks ago, the lesson was on Holy Confession. The other teacher, Jeni, and I were trying to figure out a good way to get the kids excited about Confession, and not to fear it. We decided we could have the whole class get together on a Saturday, go to Confession as a class, then go out for pizza or ice-cream, something to bring them a sense of unity.

So, I am solo-ing a class and I bring up the subject. There is one young man, Mike, who is really quite sharp, probably knows more about theology than me (wouldn't be hard...). He says, "Well, we will go if you go, too."

Obviously, panic streaked across my dazed little face. ME? Confession?!!?

He smiled and said, "Haven't been in a while, have you?"

That, my friends, is the understatement of the millennium. I have not been to Holy Confession since, literally, the 6th grade. For those who have known me about as long, you can understand the vast array of infractions that are laying upon my soul at this very moment.

Teach by example.


So, it looks like I will be going to Holy Confession.

I will need to schedule a complete Saturday just for me.

And, maybe, even the Sunday after...

Gawd, I am such a filthy LOSER...

*Connie sits back in her chair, wearing Pink Flying-Cow flannel PJ's and sipping her Diet Coke with Lemon...*

I took a look at the date of my last blog and felt ashamed. Truly ashamed. How are you supposed to keep up with the life of "The Goddess" (Thank you, William) if I don't share?? Well, upon the prompting of my little Jewish boy, I will Blog my heart out tonight instead of doing AVON. It's a Good Thing, Martha.

So, where to begin. Thanksgiving is a good place. I volunteered at my church to feed the homeless and impoverished, and it really was a joy. My Dad, brother, brother-in-law and JJ and her husband all showed up to help, and I really felt wonderful. I ended up driving meals to elderly shut-in's at a local apartment complex and met some very nice people. One beautiful woman, a Muslim, actually told me she would remember me in her prayers that night. Hell, I can use all the help I can get. They all really touched me and I was a quivering mess of Jell-o by the end of the night.

The weekend was great, too. I was a complete slug for most of it. I went to lunch with a good friend (hey SMP!) on Friday at Dos Serranos (gawd, I love their food) and had a heart to heart. It's nice when you can sit with someone at a table and say anything or nothing and it's okay. Had lunch with Jeffiner on Saturday, did some shopping, spent some time with The Mom, had more heart to hearts, there, too...I'll tell you, the last week has been a strain on the 'ol ticker. It could be a Virgo thing. Or a woman thing. Or both. Who the hell knows.

Then Sunday G and I sno-blo'd Grandma's drive way and built a fire and watched TV and played videogames and just vegged.

I think I am at the point in my life where change is inevitable, but I half-want to avoid it. Kinda like the tooth that's been aching and you are NOT about to walk into the dentist's office. I will see what the days bring...

Monday, November 05, 2001


And so the evening goes on. I am feeling a little better, the wife is watching Oakland v Denver, and gloating because they are playing at Oakland. As long as I keep her in beer and Halloween candy, she'll stay happy by the fire with Abbie. Paints a Norman Rockwell for ya, don't it?

I put a site meter on my blog now, I am feeling more confident in my ability to edit the Template, thanx to Skattie, Dylan and Gracie. Maybe someday I will be able to design a unique background and everything...

...I Have Tried EVERYTHING!

And I can't get the Snorland Comments to work...or the ReBlogger to work...I am doing something really wrong. Even the Comments is in a completely different place...



So my wife helped me. She's smart-like.

I am happy.

NOW COMMENT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

And, Dylan, I fixed your link.


I feel sooo pukey. I thought I would call into work and just spend the day relaxing, but AVON calls, and everyone else does, too, so it seems...and I still feel pukey.

This weekend was lover-ly. Wayne was married on Saturday and we had a traditional dinner to celebrate. Ginnie changed clothes FOUR times!!..1-Traditional White Wedding Dress, 2-Traditional Vietnamese dress, 3-beautiful pink party dress and 4-Red Chinese dress with a golden dragon on the front. She was incredibly beautiful...took LOTS of pictures, thanks to Gracie running to buy disposible cameras all night (Kodak makes the VERY BEST camera, BTW, and well worth the $15). Dinner consisted of 7 courses, served "Family Style" with the rotating lazy susan in the middle of the table: Egg Flower Soup; Stuffed Lobster Claws; Seafood Medley with octopus, shrimp, squid, crab and vegetables; Roasted Duck; Vegetables with large Chinese mushrooms; and Longan & Jackfruit for dessert. Not the usual Sweet N Sour Chicken most of us Gringos eat. The cake was exceptional and gorgeous and each table had a bottle of Carbernet and Grand Marnier...which I left with, thank you very much! (As Serena put it.."You will become cheesecake...")

When you first entered, you would give your gift at the table (Money in a red envelope...) and sign a red silk cloth (like a guest book). They gave out mini-bottles of Grand Marnier as favors (gotta love a girl who would do THAT!) And yes, there was even Karaoke...which proved to be a highlight to the evening. I noticed something...when a "White Guy" and I use that term for lack of a better description, screws up on Karaoke, they just keep moving on...when someone from Ginnie's family (Chinese, Vietnamese) mess up, they start over. They're gonna get it right! *grin* Everyone was so nice and accomodating, I don't think we offended her family too much with our weird Western ways. Wayne lucked out on this one, baby.

Did the Sunday School thing...gawd those kids crack me up. We had class photos (aawwhhh). We were talking about annointing oil used in baptism and the whole conversation went awry...something about Holy Pam was how we concluded class. Strange kids...Stranger teacher...

Wonder how to put the Reblogger on here....Anyone?