Sunday, August 26, 2001

Take Me Out to the Ballgame...

Gracie and the whole fan-damily went out to Covey Field to watch our little hometown Stingers get stomped by Omaha 14-9. That' okay, I got a sunburn and a veggie burrito and Abbie got to have a day with "Aunt Jen". I am tired, sunburned and very happy. I like days off.

Spent last night in, watching cable, and was pleased to see the Six Feet Under episodes I had missed while working this week. I am so impressed that I am not the only one who loves that show, although it does worry me that I share a program addiction with a clinical psychologist PhD student. *shudder* That's ok. I love him, anyway *grin*.

So, I am gonna eat some veggie pizza and watch a movie, maybe Castaway. I'd like to see what all of the hullabaloo is about. I purposely didn't see it in the theatre.

Love to all!

Saturday, August 25, 2001

G U I L T Y!!!!!!!

The verdict for one of the three men accused of Marc's death came back on Thursday and he was found GUILTY of first degree murder, drug related offenses and weapons offenses. 'Rene called me Thursday night, and I can't think of a moment before that call that I have taken a full, complete breath since Marc was killed. The "shooter" plead out, so there won't be a trial for that miserable piece of shit. The third man goes on trial in October. Just get through October...

I will be moving my tribute page to Marc to a new site as of September. Not sure where yet, but if you care to look, go Here and find the link to Marc's Page. I am still looking for those pics of Spring Fling THAT was a hoot! And very memorable for all.

Lorene, you have been so strong for all of us. Toni is right, it is time to mourn. Some of us Virgos around here mourn every single day for those we have lost. You, on the other hand, give us the shoulder we need to help us relinquish our emotion and turn it to the universe to hear our prayers. Thursday, all our prayers were answered. And you have been the answer to MY prayers for a true friend to lean upon and share with when Marc died. Gods willing, we will all get through this with the certain knowledge that justice, in whatever form, will be done, and the road to peace will begin. I love you, honey. It's time for you, now.

The Tally Is....

13 days in a row. Over 120 hours logged. Days home on time: 1.

And it's not over yet.

But I will be able to take Gracie out to Macaroni Grill next week! :) Just ask Jennifer all about our trip to Macaroni Grill a couple of weeks ago, she'll tell you it was FABULOUS...especially when Connie gets toasted on Austi Spumanti 1999 and flirts outrageously with a cute waiter named Josh. Hey, a girl only lives once. And he would have probably went and partied with us if he hadn't already had a girlfriend waiting for him at home. For those of you who wanted to know, Drunk Connie isn't NEARLY as entertaining as Drunk Toni.

Tuesday, August 21, 2001

A Big Shout Out

To all my homies, who I love and miss. Scottie, you aren't very far from my mind lately, I am rooting for you. Lorene, kick ass and take names! (Like I have to tell you to do that!) Toni, you always have the best food-related-shindigs...can't WAIT for September 1st! And you're cute. Oops...I mean you and Lorene are cute. *wipes sweat of fear from brow*. Dylan, you are the man! And one of my heros. No shit. Jennifer, I love you. But you already knew that. Dee, you are a pleth-or-a of hilarity! JJ, give the other half of the brain a rest would you? Between the two of us, we could (and do) run the office...William/Ken, *shimmy shimmy*...where the hell is the strudel recipe?!

And Gracie. Thank you for all your love and help the past few days. It's hell, but it will all be over soon. I love you.

Okay, can I take home the Grammy now? *grin*

PS: BUY A RAFFLE TICKET FROM ME OR DIE!!!!!!!!!! Wow, THAT was very Christian of about this...PLEASE BY A RAFFLE TICKET FROM ME OR DIE!!!!!! Yeah. That sounds better.

"...You Are the Dancing Queen..."

I have a new cellular phone. I am much excited. It's beautiful. It's colbalt blue (my favorite) with little silver sparkles. And it plays "Dancing Queen" by ABBA whenever anyone calls. And you can send me messages from your email. And I can send text messages to other AT&T Wireless users. And I can play games on it. What else could a girl need?

I have decided that although AT&T is good, at times, they puzzle me. They assigned me an Ogden phone number. I don't live in Ogden. I have never lived in Ogden. I think I may have driven through Ogden once or twice,...on the way to somewhere else... As a matter of fact, I don't believe I have ever had the desire to become a resident of any part of Weber County. But AT&T thinks I should have an Ogden number. *scratches chin* Quite interesting. The little girl on the other end of the Customer Service line couldn't figure it out, either, so they issued me a new number. Good thinking, Matilda. *smacks head* Oh, and since I ordered the phone on August 8th, they prorated my bill back to August 8th. I actually received the phone, by Airbourne, on August 20th. So, they seem to think I am gonna pay for 2 weeks worth of service I couldn't have possibly used. Methinks another phone call when I receive my prorated bill will clear that up. Good thing I kept the Airbourne tracking number and all the paperwork...even though they can check their record and see when I actually called in my activation. Siwwy rabbits. They must think I'm stupid. Or Mormon.


Well, I was able to make it home in time to eat, shower and blog...but only for a moment. Thanks to Gracie for making sure you all knew I was alive and kicking...well, alive anyway. I don't seem to have much energy for kicking. Anywhoo, as Gracie mentioned, I am auditing all outstanding accounts currently on our AR, and that is a bear. As of today, Tuesday, I have already worked 80+ hours... in the last 9 days. I could not go back to work for the rest of the week, and still be paid my expected paycheck. Does that frighten anyone else besides me?

Monday, August 20, 2001

I've Lost My Wife

Connie has become a permenent part of her office for the next month. The corprate office has decided that she needs to audit all of her reports for the past couple of months, so, she is working outragous hours until she is done. If you need to get a hold of her give me a call and I'll let her know (she says she's not going to be answering her phone after work hours).

Friday, August 10, 2001

In My World...

We got rid of Qwest, the asses. We now have AT&T local service, thank gawd. They have all their kinks worked out now, and they were a helleva lot cheaper. Got to keep our numbers, too.

I also got rid of my bank. I had a savings and a checking account with BankOne. They were chargin' me $1/month for a savings account, $6/month for a checking account and $3 PER TRANSFER to transfer money from my saving to checking. I linked my accounts so they could pull money from savings to checking if they needed to cover a check, and they actually CHARGED me to use my OWN MONEY!! Forget THAT.

My rant for the evening is how banks get away with these fees. Doesn't anyone check their statements to see these fees, and if so, why would anyone stay with a bank who does this? I am going with Zions Bank (I have a friend who works there and can get me a good deal) or America First CU. Any opinions on this subject?

LORENE: Get your knee fixed. SCOTT: Much love out to you in your time of temp-roomie crisis. Don't worry, brother, it will all be over soon. TONI: Hug Rob for me. MICHELLE: UPDATE YOUR GAWD-DAMNED BLOG!! DYLAN: You're a stud.

Hello All!!

I know. I have been a bad blogger. Work has absolutely been out of freakin' control. The CFO decided this was the week to pound my ass into the groiund on issues that I have nothing to do with that she expects me to solve. What the fuck ever. I'm just gonna keep doing the best job I know how. Luckily for me, the boss gave me overtime to finish up some projects that didn't get done while I was on vacation.

Wednesday, August 08, 2001


Connie actually gave me, Grace, access to her page. Was this really a smart thing to do?

Monday, August 06, 2001

And check out my links to other Blogs...

Including Gracie's. I am making her Blog now.

Oh, Lorene,

I concur. Toni's Grandparents are COMPLETELY adorable. I thought I was gonna pee when Grandpa asked Grace who she was and told her to get out! It was so damn funny!!

I Have Found my True Love...

And it is Sausage and Peppers that Toni's Grandparents make. Oh, my gawd, we had such a wonderful meal at Toni's house last night, I am still craving leftovers...

Sunday, August 05, 2001

Oh, and by the way...

The name for my Mom's new dog is Benji. (Yeah, I know...Benji wasn't a poodle...) Benji-Boy Maggie's Pride is his AKC name. Just thought I would let you know. Sorry, Brutus.

*Breathes Deeply...*

Gracie and I sat down last night and thru the process of elimination, moved the Blogger tags and Archives info to the left side, deleted the right columns and made the blog area bigger. This template is very complicated...and I hope to do more changes as I feel more confident...I would REALLY like to show my individual archives on the front page again, but it doesn't look like it's gonna happen.

Anyways, yesterday was pleasant. I finished up my AVON stuff and had Jennifer over for Subway and icecream, then beat them both at Monopoly. Man, when those two gang up on you, it SUCKS! *grin*

Today we are going over to Toni and Rob's and the Grandparents are cooking for us to thank us for the staining job on the bedroom set. That should be a blast. Gracie's knees are much better, she is getting around great, albeit slower than her normal self. She has updated her blog and I will hopefully coax her into blogging more often.

Well, with today, this concludes my vacation for this year. I really wished I could've gone to Arizona, but with the weather down there, it might be a blessing. Love out to my Kendall B. Willis and W. Ken Stein... hope all is well with you boys. (What is it with me and guys from Arizona named Ken? *LOL* Is it like drama chic's and gay men?)

SMOOCHELS! Blog ya later.

Oh, and Scottie, thanks for the kind words about me in your Favorite Blogs section. You are a doll!

Saturday, August 04, 2001


My blog is so fucked up!!!! My archives aren't individually listed on here now like they used to be...I can't get the hang of this thing. Everytime I try and move the Blogger button to the right hand side, it just messes everything up!!! Can anyone HELP!?!

I had it right this it's screwed....

Have I Told Anyone...

How much I really love my friends? You guys are the best. Whenever I am having a crappy day, one of you just knows it and says something on your blog or email that just makes me smile. I am so very, very blessed to have you all in my life. Jennifer, Lorene and Dylan, Toni and Rob, Dee, Jeremy and Michelle, JJ, Ken...oh, and those two weird twin-like figures Scottie and Jeffie...

I Love You Guys. No matter what.

Alright, Now I am getting Pissed again...

When I try and view my blog, my Windows browser pops up an error box saying there is something wrong with my syntax. There is NOTHING wrong with my syntax, thank you very much!

Last night was lovely: Chinese food, Voodoo Glow Skulls and Vic Wooton (AMAZING bass player). An interesting evening, I must say. We also watched a silent movie from England which was an anti-propaganda film about Mormons. It was so fiercely hysterical. Apparently, silent movies are available at your local library, who knew?!

Well, gotta run, the AVON Gods are calling...

Friday, August 03, 2001

Oh, THAT'S Weird...

I posted and published, but it's not on my Blog yet. How odd.

What a Day!

Running around makes you tired, let me tell you. Gracie and I went, non-stop, since 11:30 am, shopping, paying bills, visiting parents, you name it. Tonight, we are invited to dinner at Dondra's house, so that will be lovely.

Lorene, you sound soooo stressed. If a friendship is getting distant and harder and harder to maintain, maybe it's time for a break. Sometimes that can help. *Eeekk....suddenly realizes Lorene could mean me....crosses out previous post...*

No, I don't take that personally. *grin*

Or should I? *raises eyebrow*

Damn, I shouldn't have read that Stanford Prison Experiment Website. Damn you, Scottie!!! *chuckle*

Wednesday, August 01, 2001

New Blue Home...

Couldn't handle the problems with the Pink Kitty, so I moved to a much mellow-er blue home. Hope you like it. Still mucking around with some of the HTML, wanted to make the blog area a little bigger, I guess I'll have to enlist Scottie's help on that, beings as he is the wizard. (BTW: Much love out to you, Scott. Sorry to hear about things.)

Gracie's appointment went well, she can start navigating the stairs, with help, and railings. She came down from the bedroom, went to the Dr, went out to lunch, and played on the computer for about 5 hours. She hurts, and the pain is understandable. So, I am heading to bed, lovelies. Thought I would update you!


I actually saw an advertisement for my Blog...of course, it was just because it was recently updated, but it was thrilling, nonetheless...

And Mine Shows 6:15pm, too, Toni...


Okay, I'm pissed...

I reselected the Little Pink Kitty motif again and re-formatted with my favorite blogspots, etc, and the kitty is STILL missing!!! BUT, when I go somewhere else then hit the back button on my browser, the Little Pink Kitty shows up, clear as day!

I need a nap...

MY KITTY IS GONE!!!! The Little Pink kitty on the right side of the page is GONE!!!!

Reward is offered: 2 trays of Spanikopita....

BTW: Does anyone know why my posts ALL show 6:15 pm? Scottie?

And the Road to Recovery is Lined with Gold
G is doing well, and now she is stir crazy. PlayStation is not pacifying her anymore, and if she watches "one more god-damned movie"...I'm afraid of what will happen. Luckily, today we have to get her to the Dr, so whilst we are out, I'm getting her a haircut and going to lunch...oh, and buying her the new Harry Potter book. That should keep the wolves at bay.

Nice to see Lorene and Toni's new designs...I purposefully left the Little Blue Doggie motif because A: Toni loves dogs and B: Toni hates cats and C: since I have both, I can pick! I am getting into this template altering thing, too. I'm enjoying myself.

LORENE: If someone takes it a little too personal, that is their issue, not yours. Blogging is supposed to be cathartic and expressive. So I say Screw 'em. I've asked you once if a particular Blog was directed at me, we discussed it, and moved on. I think this is also a place to *WARNING: Covey-Institute phrasing afoot* Start a Dialogue on issues. So, I say, DO IT. Besides, you are trying to do more things for yourself. DO THEM!