Thursday, September 30, 2004

Gotta Love Children

My friend Lindsay was at home with her kids this weekend, doing what normal families do. Her daughter, 10, was upstairs in her room, playing dolls with a friend.

A few minutes go by, and she hears, "Don't be mean to gays! Don't be mean to gays!"

Curious, she entered her daughters room and asked what she was doing. Her daughter looked up and smiled and said, "Our Bratz dolls are at a protest. Then they are going to Denny's and going home to bed."

If only the world were that simple!

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Samonilla for One, Garcon...

I guess it could be worse, although I am not sure what could be worse than having your doctor tell you she's seen 3 cases of samonilla poisoning in the last 48 hours and you are gonna have to poop in a cup or she's going to hook you up to IV's. Yeah, I pooped in a cup. We will see if this is flu or some nasty poisoning from one of my favorite chinese restaurants. Yes, I did have the chicken.

Last night, I was able to eat some scrambie eggs and toast with the help of a dose of phenergan. Better living through pharmacueticals, I say. Then I literally passed out at 7:30pm and didn't wake up until 5am. Another side benefit of phenergan - the ability to knock a woman like me on her ass.

So, I am stuck home for one more day... the benefits of which are immeasurable. Let me list them for you:

1. Unlimited Xbox usage. (I am now addicted to the SIMS 2)
2. Playing with the kitties. Miss Miss is on her back, looking deceivingly sweetly at me as we speak, telepathically luring me to rub her belly so she can attack my hand. (where is the damn digital camera when I need it?)
3. Soap Operas.
4. Books.
5. Painting toenails.

You can see how precious my day will be.

On the home front, Lindi is still sick, but getting better with the aid of Codeine laced cough medicine and passing out for sleep with me. Sarah is fine. Like she was never sick.

Sunday, we took a nice long drive out to my brother's house in Eagle Mountain and bought his 1967 Mustang. She looks really, really good. The body is in great condition, it is numbers-matching and I definately think it will only take about 5 grand to restore it the way she wants. Lindi got a settlement check from Farmers from the stupid idiot who hit her Toyota in the parking lot at Walmart (after having her license and insurance for TWO DAYS), so she's going to start the restoration very soon.

Well, my stomach is calling, so I'd better try and give it something to eat. Call me if you have my digits and check on me. Send flowers. Candygram. Whatever tickles your fancy.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Me... Sick...

Not Pretty. Flu sucks. Dr's appt at 2, been home from work for the last 2 days. Can't eat. Liquids only. They sometimes stay down.

Lindi, sick, chest cold, currently dying at work as we speak.

Sarah, flu, stayed home from school yesterday, feeling better.

Kill me now. Someone. Please.

Thursday, September 23, 2004


On Tubbs Blog, she put an entry of what she was doing last year on that date and the year before that. I looked at mine and realized that I have no entries for 9-23-03 or 9-23-02, so I will summarize.

2002 - Grace and I had split, but we were friends, I was living with my Mom, Lindi and I were dating, JJ hosted my 30th birthday party, Lindi, Sarah and I went to the Greek Festival and afterward, they met my parents for the first time. Oh, and I also had a cold.

2003 - I just got my job at the U, I was frantically pulling everything together for my wedding, we had just moved into our new home, and Lorene was the only one with time enough to update my blog for an entire month!

I wonder what I will think of this year in another 12 months...

Do this. I think it is very cathartic.

Happy Thursday

All is well here at work, although I do feel like I have dropped 50 IQ points today. I did a little shopping downstairs at the Book Fair... for the second time this week, and picked up some lovely things for myself, a recipie organizer, some relaxation CD's (which are wonderful), an address book for the house, a scrapook for Lindi and a book for Sarah.

Last night, I buckled down and oragnized all my bills. Now, I am not a bill dodger by any means, but there are a few with high balances that I've just been treading water with and I want them off my case. I sat at my kitchen table and worked out some numbers. I know I could go to a credit counseling place and they would lower interest rates and all that, but I am going to call them and try it on my own, maybe work out a payoff agreement with my credit cards. Maybe if I agree to large bulk payments, they will kick the interest or work something out. I just want to be out of debt, and I know I can do it, it's just "doing it." I refuse to pay someone to do it for me. I am a negotiator, I can do it for myself!

I've decided to go back on Weight Watchers while my request for a breast reduction is being considered. Lorene and my sister have been such great inspiration to me and they are kicking my butt to get started. I am actually excited to begin again, now that my medication has gotten my blood sugar under control. Heck, losing a little weight before my surgery improves my chances of better healing and a better overall outcome anyway.

Things are well. I miss my girl Tre. I haven't been able to get ahold of her and it's stressing me out. Blog gone, email gone, not responding to work email. Now I have no choice but to try her cell. I am worried about her. I hope she is alright.

Much love out to everyone, hope your day is marvelous!!

Oh, and Thanks, Tubbs, for the post below. It was nice of you to check in!

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Great Day

Today, I went for a six-hour bike ride.

My muscles hurt. I'm sweaty and dirty and hungry. I have random scrapes and scratches. I found out that cruisers don't jump curbs nearly as well as mountain bikes and that when you go full speed down steep inclines, stopping causes pain.

God, it was wonderful.

Blessed & Peaceful Autumn Solstice (Mabon)

Deep peace of the running wave to you.
Deep peace of the flowing air to you.
Deep peace of the quiet earth to you.
Deep peace of the gentle night to you.
Moon and stars pour their healing light on you.
Deep peace of the Light of the World to you.

A Gaelic Blessing

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Newsflash: Bush is an Idiot.

Bush lifts 20-year-old Libya trade embargo

President Bush ended commercial sanctions against Libya, in exchange for Libya's agreement to dismantle its chemical, biological and nuclear weapons programs.

WASHINGTON - President Bush on Monday formally ended a nearly 20-year-old trade embargo against Libya, in return for Libya's admission that it had a weapons of mass destruction program and a pledge to dismantle it.
Bush's action, conveyed in letters to Congress and to Secretary of State Colin Powell, was largely symbolic because he lifted most commercial sanctions against Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi's government in April, which allowed American businesses to invest in Libya and buy its oil for the first time since 1986.

Oh, I see. They are only terrorists until we need their oil. I get it. Hooray for diplomacy.

Now you can’t honestly tell me that this Presidency’s focus has been on our safety and security, might and justice, if Bush, Jr. is willing to do this. C’mon!! Just because the Lion has been sleeping doesn’t mean his teeth have grown less sharp. And what about the families of those on that flight to Lockerbee, Scotland? They say they are sorry, oops, we had weapons, and all is forgiven? TELL THAT TO THEIR FAMILIES and the wives, parents and children they left behind – Oh, they get paid 1 billion in reparations – what happened to the 2.7 billion they were supposed to pay?? Do they get an early bird special for paying it ten years late? Why didn't we just seize their 1.3 billion in assets and call it a day?

Oh, and let’s completely forget the fact that Libya is still and ACTIVE origin of terrorists who threaten our Allies, such as Saudi Arabia (this is found later in the article).

Christ, Bush, grow some balls and make Libya pay the restitution they were assigned and keep them under embargo. Make them do THAT much. Or bend a little lower and wipe their asses too, while you’re down there kissing them.

He makes me sick. He doesn’t even know who a terrorist is anymore.

Boobies and Babies

Wow. What a weekend.

Friday night, Lindi came and picked up Sarah after work and they did some shopping for upcoming birthdays and baby showers.

Saturday morning, I woke up with a horrendous migraine. I took my medication, and tried to putter around the house, doing light cleaning, baking a couple of batches of bread, but by 3:00, the headache had completely taken over my entire world. Thank God for Lortab is all I can say. Lindi and Sarah came home from work and took good care of me, finishing the laundry, making BLT’s (my favorite) and just generally looking after me.

Sunday, I passed out until about 11 am, and when I woke up, I felt like I had been hit by a truck. A big one. A HUGE one. A truck with a grille that had spikes welded to the front of it for the express purpose of making me feel horrid. Yeah, that sounds about right. Anywho, I was able to get out of bed and slowly take on the day, baking a couple more batches of bread and just relaxing as much as I could.

When Lindi and Sarah got home, we all got ready and went over to one of Lindi’s employee’s baby showers. If you have never been to an authentic Mexican baby shower, you are in for a real treat. It lasted 4 hours. No, I am not kidding. We ate and laughed and I tried to understand what they were saying, and played weird games involving carrots and limes, ate some more, cut a cake, opened presents – it was a great time. I was exhausted by the time we got home, but it was okay.

Monday morning, I was awakened by Lindi with coffee and breakfast, I slipped a shirt over my head (no bra!) and we headed to the Breast Care center for my mammogram. For those of you who don’t know, my mother had a double mastectomy at age 31 for breast cancer, so I had my first mammogram at age 28. I scheduled one Monday prior to my appointment with a plastic surgeon to talk abut a breast reduction.

The University Breast Care center was wonderful. They were very kind, and it didn’t hurt nearly as much as the last time I had one done. I think their platen is bigger, so they didn’t have to do my breast films in sections, they could get it all in one shot. It still hurt, I won’t lie, but I am grateful for the technology.

Afterward, I went to the lobby, and told them I was there to see my surgeon. She actually shares the same office, which made it nice. She is a younger lady, probably in her early 40’s and does strictly re-constructive surgery – no cosmetic surgery – in her practice. She had already looked at my records, and told me that she doesn’t take every case that walks through her door, she is very selective about her patients. With that said, she told me that although I am a high risk patient, she wants to take my case and thinks a breast reduction would benefit me immensely.

Something else I learned – I am not a DD cup. Nope, no where near. Apparently, there is no such thing as a standard “cup” size from store to store. If I wore a size 0 and went into Victoria Secret, they would try to get me into a D cup to make me feel voluptuous. If I went into a Lane Bryant, they would try to get me into a D cup to make me feel smaller. The difference between those two bras are worlds apart – and neither are my true size, they are manufactuered to my perceptions. She told me I am a size G. A FREAKIN’ SIZE G! No wonder I have headaches!

She told me that I would need to quit smoking. She would not consider surgery without me quitting. Apparently, smoking interferes with how I would heal. She told me that if she found out within a month of my surgery that I had smoked, she would cancel the surgery, that is how serious she is about it. She told me that I can’t smoke for at least 2 months after surgery as well. She didn’t say I had to quit altogether, but I think I would be rather dumb to quit for 3 months and then start right up again.

Bad news: She doesn’t think she will be able to save my milk ducts or nerves. She will try, but they are too big. So, no sensation and no breastfeeding.

The surgery itself will be painful and she will keep me in the hospital overnight at least, possibly two days because I am such a high risk. That’s okay by me.

Lots of things to consider. No decisions to be made. My insurance company needs to sign off on it. I need to get letters from all my doctors agreeing that this needs to be done. It’s a process. I’m still in the questioning phase, so any input would be helpful.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Picking a Fight at the Fair

My family and I went to the Utah State Fair last night and had a wonderful time. We browsed through the craft displays, chili cook-offs, and numerous vendors of every shape and size imaginable. We enjoyed corn dogs and Navajo Tacos and caramel apples and fry bread and each other’s company. Sarah brought her friend Jessica, so they ran off to the rides while Lindi and I continued to visit the different booths. As we walked by one booth for “The Living Scriptures” (which there seemed to be on every aisle), a nice, clean cut LDS boy asked me if I wanted a free copy of their DVD. I calmly turned to him and politely replied, “No, thank you. I am Wiccan.” His face dropped and we walked on. When we were a safe distance, Lindi burst out into laughter. We both secretly loved the tremors we left behind.

As we were wandering down one of the side corridors, we ran across a booth with large, red signs proclaiming “Vote YES to Amendment #3! Protect Our Families!” These were people who were for a Utah Constitutional Amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman and stripping away any legal rights of same sex couples. I walked by, stopped for a second, looked at their propaganda, and walked on.

Lindi asked me why I stopped. I told her it was always good to see the literature of the enemy, to get an idea of what they are telling people. But as we walked on, I felt angrier and angrier. Where was the “Don’t Amend” booth? Where was the ACLU? Where was anyone who represented me?

It then dawned on me – I was there. I represented me. The Calvary had arrived.

I turned to my wife and asked her if we could go back. Hesitant, she asked me why. I told her I wanted to pick a fight. She relented and told me she was right behind me.

I walked to the booth and approached a gentleman who asked me if I was a registered voter who had heard about the Amendment. I said yes, of course. He started his schpeal about it, completely oblivious to the fact that I was a lesbian, since Lindi had stood back to give me room.

I asked him why it was necessary to change our Constitution when there were already three law passed in the last 30 years prohibiting same sex marriage. He did a double take and said they want to clarify the issue. I asked him what needed to be clarified. He stated that marriage was between a man and a woman. I nodded and agreed, I told him that was what the law already and asked, why change the Constitution?

He began some story about California and how people were claiming to be Domestic Partners to gain benefits when they really weren’t. I replied, “Oh, much like people who marry to gain benefits, but it’s allowed.” He blinked. I continued, “Doesn’t California require a Domestic Partner registry now? So, that problem is solved.”

Blink, blink.

“What you fail to understand is that this Amendment affects me. I am a lesbian. I have a partner. I have a 15-year-old child. This mission by you and The Eagle Forum and Gayle Ruzika is attacking my family and me personally.

“The fact is, this Constitution Amendment is poorly written and is pointedly written to take away any rights of any same sex couples that already exist. As it is now, some companies offer benefits to same sex couples, which would allow me the right to be a stay at home parent to raise my child if I want to. You are telling me, as a mother, I don’t have the right to do that, to raise my child the way I want to, by forcing my partner’s employer to deny benefits.

“I am a single taxpaying adult, but you are telling me I shouldn’t have the tax burden of a married spouse. Why? I share the household finances and burden the same as if I were legally married.

“Pardon my assumption, but you are probably straight, married and have children. My question to you is this: how does this effect you one way or another? If it passes or if it doesn’t, you are still married. You are still protected. You have nothing to lose. This effects ME, not you. This effects MY civil liberties, not yours. One way or another, you can sleep at night in the comfort of your rights, while I have to fight to see my partner in the hospital.

“I have committed my life to my partner (At this point, Lindi walked up next to me) and our family is not going away. You and your group are telling me the years of work I put into my union and the raising of my child are worth nothing in the eyes of the State of Utah. Shame on you.

“This Amendment is wrong. I think in your heart you know that. When you are voting and think of this amendment, I want you to think of my family and me and then I want you to think of all the other “me”s and their families in Utah, because there are a lot. Remember, we’re the ones who will be effected by your decisions, not you.”

I am sure my point was made, as he nodded and shook my hand, although I am certain I didn’t change his mind. But oh, the opportunity to do so made me feel better. Lindi told me while I was raging with one volunteer, another was behind me trying to hand out fliers. He walked up to a woman and asked her about the Amendment. She said, “I think it sucks. I think everyone should have the right to choose,” and walked away. Lindi turned around and said, “Thank you.” She smiled back and said, “You are welcome.”

Lindi told me I won the argument. I think so, too. But more than that, I put a face with the issue, which has always been my goal.

Plus, I’ve always loved to pick a fight!

Thursday, September 16, 2004


How do you like the new layout?

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Keep On Keeping On...

Things are going pretty good today. I know i've been a blogging slaggard and I am sorry, I will try and keep up.

The baking went very well. I made 24 cakes and 22 breads - sold out - and made $90 for charity. It was so successful, I am doing another round of baking this week (with my new oven) for special orders. I am very pleased I was able to raise so much money for such a worthy cause.

I have an appointment on Monday to meet my plastic surgeon about a breast reduction. My doctor thinks it's a very good idea - let's hope the insurance company goes along with it. I can't imagine life in a C cup, but I can't wait to try!

All in all, not a bad week ahead or behind. Can't complain.

Well, I can complain...

Kerry Hires Ala. Woman Fired for Sticker

Wed Sep 15, 8:53 AM ET

DETROIT - Democrat John Kerry (news - web sites) has a new campaign worker helping him drum up support in Alabama after hiring a woman who was fired for displaying the presidential candidate's bumper sticker on her car.

Kerry called Lynne Gobbell on Tuesday after reading a newspaper story describing how she had been fired last Thursday from her job packing cellulose insulation at a Moulton, Ala., plant.

Gobbell said her former employer had told her she could either work for him or Kerry. She said Kerry told her, "Let him know that as of today, you're working for John Kerry."

Class, children. It's all about class. Reason 5,983,299 NOT to vote for Bush. Kerry's got CLASS.

Now, where in the hell is the UCLU???

Friday, September 10, 2004

Happy Birthday to ME!

And to Arnold Palmer. Who knew?

Today has shown up to be a very fun day. I woke up and got ready for work, got a sleepy Happy Birthday from my sleepy wife, went downstairs to find the kitties were out of food. So, I filled up their bowl with hard food, thought about it, and broke out the gourmet soft food so they could celebrate my birthday – after all, they can’t have cake, so they deserve a treat, too! I was treated to a chorus of meowing Happy Birthday in kitty language. I know that’s what they were saying. Lorene thought I should’ve taken the day off and spent it with my cats… “but you could have had another party where you dressed them up in little hats and dresses and had tea and everything! My cats like that when you do that to them....” Now, that would have been a party.

My work group had already planned to do a luncheon this week, so it just happened to fall on today, my birthday. I came into work to find my desk decorated to the teeth… they covered it in confetti, balloons and made a "Connie" statue out of a sweater, two big balloons and a balloon for a head with a drawn face on it. Banners and crepe paper completed the look… it was very thoughtful.

I’ve already been given chocolates, a coffee mug and a bottle of wine, a phone call from my brother, Happy Birthday emails from my sister, Lorene, Shane and Michelle, along with e-cards from Lorene, Toni and Lindi that were just the cutest!!

Tonight is a date night with Lindi and I – dinner and a surprise. I love surprises!

The rest of the weekend, I will be baking for a fundraiser for Hometown Heroes, a charity group that raises money for the Huntsman Cancer Institute. The money goes for treatment for patients that can’t afford it, DNA and Bone Marrow testing, education, and comfort of cancer patients and their families. I will be making Banana Bread, Zucchini Bread, Devils Food cake and Red Velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. Oh, yes, I will be busy, but I am so excited! Lindi and Sarah gave me an early present of stainless steel bowls, spatula, servers, cake mixes and frostings, decorations, a pastry bag with 5 tips and a beautiful cake carrier! It will make it a lot easier – and I just got my Pampered Chef Stoneware mini-loaf pan, too. I am so spoiled.

So, today is an excellent day in Connie-Land! Hope all is well in your world.

Friday, September 03, 2004

I Love the UTES!!!

Red Dawn

"The Utah Utes did not need any more yards in their season-opener against Texas A&M at Rice-Eccles Stadium on Thursday night. This time, they had all they needed.
Points, too.
Nearly a year after falling 2 yards short of a game-tying two-point conversion in the final seconds against the Aggies, the No. 20 Utes began their eagerly awaited season with a dominating 41-21 victory - the kind that's only going to heighten the already soaring expectations for them.
"Our fans expected us to come out and be the team that we were last year, sophomore receiver Steve Savoy said. "And we really did.
Playing before a sellout crowd of 45,419 in game Meyer called probably the most important in school history, the Utes simply stomped an Aggie team seeking to bounce back from a miserable season last year."

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Blast from the Past...

EAST QUOGUE, New York (AP) -- Laura Branigan, a Grammy-nominated pop singer best known for her 1982 platinum hit "Gloria," has died. She was 47.

Branigan died Thursday at home in her sleep, said her manager, John Bowers. He would not disclose the cause, although her official Web site listed it as a brain aneurysm.

"Gloria," a signature song from her debut album "Branigan," stayed atop the pop charts for 36 weeks and earned her a Grammy nomination for best female pop vocalist, the first of four nominations in her career.

How sad!