Sunday, June 22, 2008


I was recently informed I am now officially a slacking blogger. It's been almost six months since I've posted anything. Now, I am sure you know, nothing stops moving in my life in six months. Well, maybe my fingers, but that's just about it.

So, to put everyone's mind at rest, Let's catch up on the last few months, the highs, the lows, the in-betweens.

During the Winter months, I taught an Excel class for community education. It was a great class. I had about 14 students including my sister and her old friend, which made the class that much more, let's just say, entertaining. They all left the class knowing more than before and I felt like I really made a great impact.

I've also had the opportunity to use my officiant ordination, four times so far this year. Now, that has been one of the most enjoyable things I've ever done. I've married four very different, and very wonderful couples. Okay, scratch that, 3 were wonderful, one was very annoying, but I will tell you about that later. Two of the weddings were for co-workers, which is always great. I've been able to use my writing skills, communication and interpersonal skills and be involved in a fundamental way to the joining of two peoples lives. I have 3 more bookings scheduled through the rest of the summer, as well. I even have a temporary website here.

Sarah is now full-time in cosmetology school and doing fabulous. She's already graduated her freshman term and is on the salon floor getting her 2000 hours of hands-on training. She's colored and cut my hair, colored and cut Lindi's... she's had a turn at almost everyone in the family! So far, no casualties, unless you count the occasional snip to her finger. I think she's really found her niche.

Grace's youngest Aunt Buffy passed away suddenly and her family reached out to me for support. It was a real hard time for Grace's mom and Grace herself. I was actually able to sit in a room with Claudia without fear of a rumble, so there's progress there. It's a huge loss for them and I was glad I could be a support.

I've also been very, very active with the Veterans of Foreign Wars Ladies Auxiliary. When my soldier came home, I missed writing and sending packages, and my friend Elizabeth got me involved in the VFW. They have so many programs for military veteran, current veterans and their families. I was elected Secretary for the auxiliary and have enjoyed the time invested with them so much.

I got a new tattoo on my back. It takes up my entire left shoulder blade. It's a beautiful winged blue bird landing on a green-leafed tree branch. Above it is the word MOM and below is DAD. It's obviously for my parents, the two people who gave me roots and wings. My mom loves it, my dad is warming up to it.

There's so many little things all sewn up in there, but those are the major points of interest, I guess.

So, why am I at the computer at midnight on a Sunday when I should be getting sleep for work? Well, it kinda went like this:

After my breast reduction, I developed some significant scarring on and in my breasts. I waited a couple of years for everything to settle and I went back up to Huntsman to see about the scarring and encapsulations. The doctor who took over my previous surgeon's practice wanted to test the tissue in both breasts, just to make sure it wasn't the big "C," so he performed a fine needle aspiration, which basically is a small needle that takes 10 stabs of tissue to examine. He did this twice. In each breast. It didn't hurt, was just kinda annoying and sore.

Good news: I don't have cancer. Bad news, the testing gave me a staph infection. A RAGING staph infection. So, I've been home for a week, in and out of ERs and Dr's offices and now get the wonderful experience of home IV antibiotics. Plus side, I'm not in the hospital in an uncomfortable, crappy bed eating indigestible food. The home health nurse trained Lindi how to do my daily IV's and she's turned into quite the nurse. Down side, poor Lindi has to take care of me during her vacation.

The IV antibiotics seem to be working, but certainly not fast enough. I've seen maybe a 10% decreased in redness and swelling, but the pain is horrible. I'm going to file for medical leave and really take care of these little buggies. I certainly don't want to mess with staph. I could lose, like, a lung or something.

Maybe I'll take a language course at home. Catch up on reading. Surf the net. Cure Diabetes. Who knows? I've only got time on my hands.

Well, I'm gonna run to bed. I'll be back. Really. I will be back. Promise.