Tuesday, November 30, 2004

I am a Looney Magnet


In the last 24 hours, I have received emails, most of them including rude comments and snips, attacks, you name it. All because I refuse to stop visiting a website.

Do you people really think you mean that much to me?


There are a few bloggers who I've spoken with in real life. They matter a great deal to me (and yes, you know who you are if you have my cell phone digits). We have an acutal relationship outside of the blogworld based on hours of online and offline communications. Some of them are kindred spirits, spouses in previous lives, and soon-to-be members of my harem. I have sent Graduation presents (consisting of beer and pizza money), birthday presents, "just because" presents and have patronized their families businesses. I have shared Saturday morning phone calls and upset emails and actually been apart of their lives. A couple of them I would be honored to have father my child.

There are other bloggers I only know from email correspondance. Most of them are respectful and good for advice back and forth. This doesn't mean I will invite them to my daughter's Sweet 16, but I enjoy their online company.

If you do not fall into either of the above categories, don't bother trying. It's not something you can force. Dictating to me who I can and should correspond with will not win you points with me.

For those who have known me since I was 14 - thank you for the advice. I do believe you are correct. There are certain people in the blog world who are probably clincally insane and I should simply stay away from them. And I will be starting immediately.

Monday, November 29, 2004


How the Grinch Stole Marriage.

A must-read.

Well, In That Case…

I received a nasty little comment on my blog today that I didn’t appreciate, from someone who I liked at one time and respected as a fellow blogger. So I responded with a firm, to the point email.

It’s obvious she is not capable of having an adult conversation.

I would really like to ask you to STOP bringing up my damn NAME. I have not emailed you or anyone, I have not said one word at Dog Snot about this whole bullshit crap..I'm NOT INVOLVED and I DON'T CARE TO BE. Please..just leave me out of this shit and please will you stop saying my name and implying that I am!

First of all, don't come on my blog and verbally attack me. Under any circumstances. Ever. If you have an issue, you are always welcome to email me.

Second, if you took the time to read my post, which you obviously did not do, you would see that someone DID email me, and used your name in their discussion. If you took the time to read my post, you would see that I was RESPONDING to this person, not to you. I brought up your name because this other person did - nothing more. In fact, if you would have BOTHERED TO READ MY POST, you would see that I didn't even give an opinion about you other than to say that I held you in high esteem. That soon will change if I ever see another comment like that on my blog again.

Are we clear?

How come you can use my name at Dog Snot and again at your place but I am not allowed to have any say? Seems kinda fucked up to me...I find the whole thing ironic because you yourself posted a holier than thou post at Dog Snot telling people that "it's just a blog"...don't take stuff so seriously..and what precisely are YOU doing right now? You're dedicating entire threads to utter grammar school crap. Oh and more irony..first you defend people for having their "just say" so to speak but you sure don't like having your own feathers ruffled huh? You implied that somehow I was involved in whatever this whole crap is...I do not understand why you are clumping cul, maria & I in the same group not once but TWICE. I'm not the one going around emailing people telling them shit..I'm not the one writing threads, I did not make ONE COMMENT at Dog Snot where this shit originated and you know WHY? Because I want to be left alone, I want to be completely OUT OF THIS and YOU BROUGHT me right in it. You feel attacked? Hahahaha...I feel like I'm being pulled into something that I don't want anything to do with.
I did read your post and NO WE AIN'T CLEAR....how 'bout these apples...you just leave my name out of this mix all together. I've never EVER DRUG Anybody through the mud on this computer, I've never started any feud and I don't plan on getting my hands dirty now. And ya know what..fuck that idea of me having to email you personally with an issue. You shouldn't have said my name in public because by doing so you opened the door to my response IN PUBLIC.

Well, in that case, Sandy, let me make this perfectly clear, in PUBLIC:


There. You happy? Does it satisfy you that you blew this whole thing up over someone saying that they respected you, someone who never said one bad thing about you, or rather, could care less?

Well, now everyone who visits my site will know your intentions.

The reason I was “lumping” you in with cul and Maria is because the person who wrote me the email did, and I was RESPONDING. You do know what that is, don’t you? Addressing each person’s issue, line by line. That’s what I was doing.

Not so sure exactly what damage I’ve done by saying that I respected you, but if your panties are in a twist over it, I suggest some Prozac and quickly.

Asking you to bring something to me in an email is perfectly acceptable, if it has to do with content on my blog. It's called acting like an adult.

I didn't post anything "holier than thou" anywhere. I was honest in my feelings about people getting pissed off at Dogsnot but refusing to leave. It's like being upset because your hand is burning but refusing to take it out of the fire.

I am pissed because you came on MY blog and acted like an ass. That is completely different. In fact, you have acted that way through your entire email, so I assume you are unable to actually communicate in an adult manner.

I have no problem with my feathers being ruffled for things I've done, but your attack is off base. You have a problem with your name being drug up, don't leave whiney ass incompetent comments on my blog.

Then posts like this wouldn’t happen.

In other words, don’t let the door hit ya.

We Got through Thanksgiving..

We survived, even though I am not sure how we did.

Thursday went off without a hitch. Lindi’s Mom lured her guests to her house early with talk of a “Cocktail Hour”, and was able to start her Thanksgiving early. She made sure her ovens were available so I could start warming my green bean casserole and candied yams for my Mom’s house while I spent time with the in-laws. I was able to sit and eat a small meal with them for an hour before running to my Mom’s to set up their dinner – and Lindi and Sarah made it there by Family Prayer. I was very grateful it all worked out.

Friday began at 4:20 am with the traditional Early Morning Shopping for the three of us. We were able to get about 70% of our shopping done, which is a great relief. We shopped until about 1:00 pm, and napped, then enjoyed another Thanksgiving dinner with our neighbors. They decided they didn’t get enough leftovers so they wanted to cook a turkey, I made candied yams and 2 pumpkin pies and we feasted again with mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, stuffing and – get this – rutabaga. (Have you ever had rutabaga? Very interesting.) 3 turkey dinners in 2 days. Happy, happy.

Saturday and Sunday, Lindi and Sarah had to work, so I was left alone to go running around, errands, projects, resting and relaxing. It was nice, but by Sunday, I was quite depressed and lonely. My lovely Lindi brought home flowers, chocolates and a beautiful card to lift my spirits, which just made me cry more, but smile, too. I am blessed.

Scott is now on his way to Kuwait. His brother gave me his address, which I have put on the right sidebar. Please drop him a line, card, package for Christmas. Mail means a lot to our troops, especially during this time of year.

And how was YOUR weekend?

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Dragging Me Into the Fight

I get an email on Friday that I finally read today. Basically, it tells me to stop visitng one of my favorite sites, Dogsnot, because some people there have been offended and are considering legal action. They are surprised I visit and support such a site.

I, personally, am astonished anyone has the conjones to ask me to pick sides in this argument.

I visit whatever sites I choose. I comment, I argue, and at the end of the day, I make whatever choice I want to. To assume that because people I also enjoy reading don't care to visit Dogsnot or have some issues with "questionable" content on the site means that I, too, should jump on the bandwagon, is wrong.

Here is an exerpt from the response email I sent:

I can understand from the outward look, it might be concerning for you to see my defense of the authors of Dogsnot. I appreciate your well intentioned email and will address in kind.

The fact is this: they are well within their rights. I defend them because, ultimately, I defend all of us who have a blog. And, along those lines, if you come to a blog and make a total ass out of yourself, you deserve whatever the authors dish out at you. That includes my site.

I am not going to get dragged into the whole “they alter posts” thing because this is something I cannot prove. It’s not up to me. Questionable? Possibly. Illegal? No. And that was the discussion at hand. What information I had in front of me was not illegal. If you are telling me there will be legal action taken against Geoff and Gordon, then I support anyone’s right to use the legal system to protect themselves. Personally, I have not done anything illegal. Writing a comment is not illegal in this country - yet.

As far as what my “appeal” is – that’s my personal business. I was serious when I said “not everything is in the comments.” The relationship between myself and other bloggers is private unless I make it public. Very few people know of the emails that have passed between me and others, or phone calls, or packages, etc. That’s my private life.

What everyone is talking about – the spamming, the forging of post, etc. is crazy. The thing is – not one post of mine has ever been forged. Or deleted. And you’ve seen some of the nasty dialogue between us. I like to think I give as good as I get, so maybe that’s why they’ve never taken me on.

I see Gordon on Maria’s site all the time, not sure if this has changed. I’ve always held her, cul and Sandy in high esteem. They all know this. If any of them have a problem with me, it’s theirs to deal with. I can only control how I treat others, which, unless they attack me, has always been respectful. I hold cul in the utmost respect. cul and I have debated Dogsnot together on occasion.

I defend anyone’s right to free speech. Dogsnot included. What is behind the scenes is the discussion and the support both of them have given me. When I put one of my best friends on a plane to war, they were there supporting me. I didn’t see you, cul, Maria or Sandy emailing me or offering to contribute to a care package. And that’s not a put down, I don’t expect you to monitor my life and be involved. But the fact is – they were there.

My point is this – I strive to maintain friendships with those of differing views because it is ultimately the only way compromise and understanding can be reached. Would it surprise you to know that Geoffrey and Gordon support my family and actually wish the best for us? That they both think that gay civil unions are a pretty good idea? Well, they do. Just because they don’t agree with “Gay Marriage” doesn’t mean they are against gay people. I’ve seen more hatred come out of our own community that from Dogsnot.

I am an intelligent, rational woman. My rationale is this: I won’t let anyone dictate to me who I vote for nor the company I keep. I am a strong willed Liberal and I speak my mind. Have you ever once seen me cow-tow to the Conservative ideal? I don’t think so. Compromise can be reached however, and it must, in order for this country to thrive.

Ultimately, what it comes down to is that you don’t have to visit Dogsnot. Don’t. I would suggest you, and the others, simply don’t patronize their website. Create your own blog. You can ban people and delete comments and rule your blog the way I do mine.


All is Well on the Homefront

We have chosen, as a family, to do our best to make both families happy. Lindi's mom moved their meal up to 1, my family moved their meal to 3, Lindi and Sarah will go to her Mom's and try to make it to my Mom's by dessert. After much discussion, Lindi's mom must not have realized all the details of what was going on - she was surprised I wouldn't be able to be there - and even offered her kitchen to me in hopes I would be able to spend some time in both places, even if some of it was cooking.

I realized she wasn't trying to control everything, and does care about my feelings and the feelings of my family. It was a huge miscommunication. That makes things much better.

Our bedroom is really coming together. We actually found a beautiful bed set while shopping - as well as a new CD player for me! We cleaned our room of all nicknacks and misc junk and I put out large vases of fresh flowers and candles. Our bed is beautiful, we hung curtains last night, I covered the dressers with Cranberry fabric, we hung mirrors, sconces and candles and it is amazing.

I will post pictures, but for now:

The CD player changes colors. It's awesome.

The ivory drape is hung above the cranberry drape and comes down along both sides. We are still messing with it, but it changes the whole look of the room.

Merry Christmas to US!

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I Hate The Holidays

I really do. I used to love them, baking and cooking and wrapping and giving gifts and the charity work and all of it. But I hate it lately.

Our December is already filled with parties and dinners. It’s not even Thanksgiving for crying out loud. It’s run here, run there, try and find time to shop and sleep and work. It’s going to be insane.

This year, my sister and I are going to cook Thanksgiving dinner for my family, since my mother hasn’t been feeling well. Okay, that’s a lie. My mother is really sick, and so is my dad. So, my sister and I split the menu and we will descend on my mother’s home for our traditional dinner.

It’s always a struggle to plan two families’ festivities, and with two family’s traditions, Lindi and I have had to try and juggle a lot. But I can feel a fight coming on. And it’s gonna be bad.

In her family, Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning is always spent with her family. Period. That will never change. So that puts my family out for a lot of the Christmas Traditions we have done, but we shrug and compromise and my family plans something later in the day and we are happy to spend it together. Lindi’s Mom gets what she wants and that’s what seems to matter.

Well, this year, when I explained that I was going to be cooking dinner for my family because my parents are ill, Lindi’s mother said, “Oh, well, we will plan around you, then. I completely understand.” I breathed a big sigh of relief. My family doesn’t have to play second fiddle for once.

I was wrong.

Lindi’s mom will be having Thanksgiving Dinner at 2 pm on Thursday. The same time my family will be having dinner. Great. Thanks a lot. So much for getting me Lindi and Sarah together to enjoy the meal I am preparing. So much for caring about my family and what we are doing. Oh, but it’s okay, because Lindi is excused to go wherever she wants, but “Sarah has to be there.”

You know what? I say bullshit! We already had plans. You don’t just come in on MONDAY and dictate what we are going to do. I don’t give a shit WHO you are! Thank God you are ABLE to cook your own Thanksgiving meal. I am sure my mother would LOVE to have that luxury. But the fact is, she doesn’t, and her daughters are going to do it for her. And the fact remains that my mother is a very ill woman who may not have very long on this earth. I refuse to treat her as a second class person for anyone.

Poor Lindi is stuck in the middle and doesn’t know what to do.

So I’ve made a decision. If Lindi’s mother can’t see her way clear to be courteous of me, then I will not be going to Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning at their home. They are MY second priority. It’s obvious I am not a member of their family if they don’t even care about how their actions affect those around them.

I am feeling very shit on right now.

I am canceling Christmas. Screw it.

Monday, November 22, 2004

How 'bout Them UTES!?!!


That's right. Perfect record this season. First team not in one of the Big 10 schools or one of the "expected" teams to make it into the BCS.

Welcome Utah.

21-51. 30 point throttling given to BY - who?

Wonderful game. I am so proud of my boys, I can't stand it. We are all walking on clouds around here...

Fans Overtake the field in a display of happiness and joy at the thought of going to the Fiesta Bowl. That is the likely probability for us.

And unlike professional basketball, our fans were peaceful.

Coach Urban Meyer getting drenched by his team in the last minutes of the game. Keep in mind, this is Utah, and it was about 26 degrees out. That had to be cold!

Coach and two of his players, Ryan Smith (left) and Bo Nagahi (right) in the last seconds when it became clear they had completed what they set out to do - be undefeated for the first time in our University's history.

Savoy, one of beloved stars, accepting and parading the MWC trophy with the players and fans, emjoying the moment.

AMAZING GAME. I hope some of you caught it on ESPN2. Our boys showed a great deal of heart, sportsmanship and enthusiasm. I am very proud.

Saturday, November 20, 2004


Your name of Constance has given you a desire for self-expression and for positions that allow contact with people, free from the restrictions and monotony into which you are often drawn. Although you desire to be spontaneous and natural, you are often drawn into technical and methodical lines of endeavour and the incidentals of life. You are friendly by nature, but you cannot enjoy complete ease in association because of a difficulty in expressing yourself. While you can be exacting and thorough in whatever you decide to undertake, and desire to keep a well-ordered life with everything in its place, it is not easy for you to maintain the system and order you would like. There is conflict between your desires and your expression which does not allow scope for your capabilities. This lack of fulfilment of your deeper qualities tends to create repression and frustration. You enjoy sweet, rich foods, as well as meat and starches, and any indulgence would create skin disorders or possible intestinal trouble or growths.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Strangest Overheard Lesbian Conversation...

"But honey, a woman has needs..."

"Yeah? That's why I bought you batteries."

And you thought being married to a woman was different than being married to a man. Better, but it's still the same.

Friday is going well. I am smack-down busy here at work, but I have a new computer, so I am loving it. I can play Yahoo! Launch and listen to all sorts of music all day and it seems to make the day fly by.

Can't wait for the weekend. I am taking my niece on Saturday night, so that will be lovely to spend some quality time. Other than that, no plans.

Oh, and something I just have to say.

A friend of mine asked me to remove something from my blog, something small and mundane, trivial, really, but something that could be read into by her husband who also reads my blog. No one had done anything wrong, there's no big cover up or anything childish like that, but sometimes, things look a certain way and people assume. So, being the friend I am, the long-time friend, I might add, I did as she asked. I also said that I wouldn't say anything about it on my blog. In fact, I think I promised.

I lied.

It's like this.

You come to my blog, you get my life. I'm not going to censor it again. I refuse to have my words turned back up into one of my best friend's face. I realize that if you are reading this now, you will go home and rip her a new asshole for it. Don't do it.

I have been her friend long before she met you. I have supported her through things you can't even imagine. I have even supported your marriage. I invited you to my wedding, even though I know you don't accept me and my family. But I know you are her husband and your feelings are paramount to her.

DO NOT come here and use my life to attack her. What I do, who I associate with and what I say is NOT a reflection of her. She is an amazing woman - smart, funny, strong, beautiful, generous and kind, and if you think for one single solitary minute that I could influence her or her choices, you are sorely mistaken. She is independant as the day is long. Instead of looking here for answers about your wife, you should be looking to her for them.

So, if I find out that you have used this blog as the basis for ANY argument between the two of you again, I will remove it. Period. This blog will not be the catalyst for your bruised ego.

I have always repected you and have never said anything to you to show otherwise. How dare you use my words to belittle your own wife. You should be ashamed.

And S - forgive me. You know I can't keep my mouth shut. When it comes to my friends, I will walk through fire. You know it, I've proven it. You don't deserve any less.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Well, It's Official

Friday, January 7, 2005.

New Boobies for the New Year.

Not sure how I am feeling about it since my stomach hasn't stopped flipping out since I got the phone call.

Last night the family and I served dinner to the families at the Ronald McDonald House. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with it, the Ronald McDonald House is a place for families to stay while their children are undergoing treatments for life threatening illnesses such as cancer, heart surgery, critical burns and birth defects.

The Ronald McDonald House began in 1974 when a player for the Philadelphia Eagles team had taken his daughter for treatment for leukemia. Sleeping in cars and hotels to get by, he realized the need for such a place for families. He approached Ray Kroc, founder of McDonalds, who released the rights to use to likeness and name of Ronald McDonald and the construction began on the now over 200 Ronald McDonald houses throughout the country. Many local contractors donate their services and furniture, many of which are those who have benefited from services from Ronald McDonald house.

The house we visited in Salt Lake houses 28 families, completed with a spacious kitchen and dining room, laundry room, game rooms with satellite television and Xbox, a nursing room and family rooms.

Families can stay at the house for a month, and only pay $10 a day. They don’t pay for anything, including food, laundry soap – everything is provided. They can literally come in with the clothes on their back and the Ronald McDonald house will take care of their needs. They rely on donations and routine sponsorships – surprisingly NOT from McDonalds! Although Ronald McDonald is their “Spokesperson” McDonald’s does not sponsor the houses. Each franchise location has the option to sell “hands” or put out as collection jar – but they don’t have to! So – when you find a McDonald’s that does – frequent it. And if you find a McDonald’s that doesn’t, ask for the Manager and ask WHY!

We served chili, homemade soup, cornbread, salad, rolls, and lots of desserts. It’s humbling to realize these families have come from more than 50 miles away to heal their children, facing life or death decisions, and the only solace they may have is a warm meal and a place to sleep to regain their strength to give to their child. It’s very thought provoking.

I encourage you to donate ONE DAY of your time to the Ronald McDonald house at least once a year. They can always use a group of people to plan dinner (it can be very simple). Drop off a bag of food (they have a community kitchen that feeds all no matter what time they eventually wander in to shower and eat). Gather some toiletries for those people who forgot theirs at home. EVERYTHING goes to use at the house.

It’s humbling and makes you grateful for all the blessings you’ve been given in your life.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Some Good News

Well, the powers that be have finally decided that since they won't let me have priority parking, they will allow me to work from home during my FMLA. I am overjoyed. This will allow me to stay home and rest as needed and still make some sort of income. This will also change my FMLA standing, and hopefully, I can convince my surgeon to put me on intermittant leave for longer than 2 months and I can work from home for 4 weeks after surgery. This, of course, requires an upgrade to my computer. (Gift certificates to Best Buy would be a great idea for Christmas, hint hint...)

So, I would like for our bedroom to be completed before then. I want to do draping over the bed as well, so it will be very elegant and romantic. Sarah wants to redo her room, too - to Broncos Orange and Blue! She's so cute.

Oh, speaking of Sarah - Miss Thang brought home a 3.5! 5 A's and 3 B's! She made High Honor Roll. We couldn't be prouder. She's the bomb.

Okay, okay, back to work. I left early yesterday because my back was bothering me, and spent the day being pampered by my wife, so I have to stick it out today.

LOVE out to Toni, as she contemplates... to Dylan and he prepares for his Colon surgery... Lorene for not killing everyone she works with or around...

Our New Bedroom Scheme

Here is our new bedroom scheme. We are going Moroccon in color - Brick, Terracotta, Rust, Onyx, Gold, Tan, Ivory...

Bed Scheme and Drapery style, remove the white, add Tan and Onyx

Candles, as well as black and white frames and mirrors, will adorn the walls.

Whatcha think?

Monday, November 15, 2004

The Greatest Post Ever

Damn you, forces that be

Okay. Like 2 weeks ago I wrapped up some voodoo dolls to send to Connie and put them aside for shipment, but I didn't put a last name on the mailing address. UPS doesn't ship without a last name (in case you didn't know).

So, that was remedied 3 or 4 days ago. I threw the last name on the box and all was well...

Except for that I did this while I was in the Cigar Shop and I left the box in the cigar shop instead of putting behind the desk next door at Zombie's.

And so, when I got to the Cigar Shop, the box was still behind the counter. Because I'm a dumb ass.

And since it's the weekend, UPS won't be coming back until Monday.

But I fucking swear, this box is going to Utah on Monday if I have to walk it there myself.


Any doubt why I love this woman?

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Crazy Week

I spend an interesting day yesterday at Huntsman Cancer Institute listening to 2 vendors try and sell us their email packages. I was very impressed with one, and not so impressed with the other. No surprise the one I wasn’t impressed with was the one we currently have. Their upgrades were less than stellar, and not much to “wow” us. I think the highlight of the day was lunch. Eating in “The Point” restaurant, I sat in front of the window overlooking the entire Salt Lake Valley high atop the mountain, eating a smoked Salmon Louis salad - just enjoying an amazing hour by myself. It was amazing.

I have another presentation day tomorrow, at the Marriott Library on Campus. Too bad we won’t be back up at Huntsman.

Tonight is family therapy, dinner, then an evening with Jessie, Lindi’s step daughter, which is always lovely. We don’t see her nearly as much as we want.

An interesting discussion over at Dogsnot… wondering about YOUR thoughts… some pharmacists are refusing to fill prescriptions for contraceptives based on their personal moral beliefs. Geoffrey feels this isn’t a conflict of ethical values, it’s simple economics – a patient can have their script filled anywhere and if enough people boycott a particular pharmacy, they will be forced to fill all prescriptions or go bankrupt. I say that insurance coverage often dictates which pharmacies patients have to utilize and the pharmacists are violating their contracts by not filling all prescriptions presented – beside the fact that pharmacists are also violating their Hippocratic Oath by withholding treatment as prescribed by another physcian.

What do YOU think?

Monday, November 08, 2004

Lorene is mean

I was thinking of putting off my surgery until Spring. The "powers that be" won't allow me parking access, even with a disabled placard, so I will be walking in the snow to work, so I was thinking I should wait. I mean, it's one thing to have a bad back, it's quite another to have a chest full of stitches AND a bad back.

But Lorene won't let me. She's so bossy.

So, it will be January.

Flowers, candy, etc... plan on it, blog friends. Email me for the address. Yes, it's time to worship the Connie.

10 Reasons why I love my Tubby

1. She sends me Voodoo Dolls From Zombie’s Cigar Shop.
2. Well, She tries to send me voodoo dolls, but forgets to put my last name on the package, so UPS won’t pick it up and send it.
3. She calls herself a retard. How cute.
4. Oh, and a shit-head. Tee hee.
5. She sounds so sweet on the phone.
6. Especially when she tells me that she had last Friday off, didn’t brush her teeth and didn’t put on underwear and how very great that was…
7. She’s just a lovely conversationalist…
8. She’s so very articulate…
9. The part about "F**K you, I hate you, talk to you later" really got me right in the soft spot.
10. Oh, and the line about, "of course it’s cold in Utah, you have Mormons and God hates Mormons" was priceless.

*Big Sigh*

My Tubaluva is the bomb. Her sweet voice and loving ways keeps me addicted to her charms. I can’t wait to talk to her again soon.

Friday, November 05, 2004

As Promised...

My family on Halloween... Hera, Zeus and Aphrodite.

Begin your worship.

Thursday, November 04, 2004


This map is interesting. My blog buddies over at Dogsnot are “gloating” about how badly Bush beat Kerry. So, I thought I would look for myself. By my estimation, he only won the popular vote by less than 3.6 million votes. That doesn’t sound like a real whooping to me, sounds like a heated election. I think Democrats can hold their heads high.

But, anyway, this map is interesting. I have linked the picture to the real map which lists each state and their percentage which voted for Bush, Kerry and Other. Washington DC was 90% Kerry. That was interesting to me. No surprise, Utah was 70% for Bush.

Goddess Bless Her

Elizabeth Edwards Has Breast Cancer

WASHINGTON - Elizabeth Edwards, wife of former Democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards, was diagnosed with breast cancer the day her husband and Sen. John Kerry conceded the presidential race.

Spokesman David Ginsberg said Mrs. Edwards, 55, discovered a lump in her right breast while on a campaign trip last week. Her family doctor told her Friday that it appeared to be cancerous and advised her to see a specialist when she could.

She put off the appointment until Wednesday so as not to miss campaign time.

The Edwards family went straight to Massachusetts General Hospital from Boston's Faneuil Hall after Kerry and Edwards conceded on Wednesday.

Mrs. Edwards had a needle biopsy performed at the hospital, where Dr. Barbara Smith confirmed the cancer, Ginsberg said.

He said the cancer was diagnosed as invasive ductal cancer. That is the most common type of breast cancer, and can spread from the milk ducts to other parts of the breast or beyond.

More tests were being done to determine how far the cancer has advanced and how to treat it, he said.

An Open Letter for Utah Democrats

My Fellow Democrats,

Well, here we are, another election over. Many of you, like myself, are swarming with concern, awash in our disappointment, both locally and nationally. So many issues were at stake in this election, livelihoods and beliefs, families and fairness, and it's hard to believe that in one night, our dreams lay at our feet, seemingly crushed by the "Republican Machine."

A friend at work had two of her daughters vote for the first time yesterday. Both of them researched the issues, made their choices and voted confidently. Both of their spirits were crushed by the results. "How," she asked me today, "How do I get my girls to understand how important it is to stay involved? I don't want them to be disappointed in the whole process, but they are taking it so hard."

I will tell you exactly what I told them, what I told my partner, what I told my friends and colleagues at work, anyone who asked me, a lifelong Democrat, about the results.

There will be times of great change in our nation. There is an ebb and flow to politics and the White House. There is a time for everything, or so it seems. Right now, it is the Republican's time. It is time, as a group, for Democrats to regroup and reflect on the vast power we now have, in the younger generation, to affect change.

I am looking at the Gay Marriage Amendments in 11 states, all of them saying "NO! We don't want gay marriage!" Instead, what I see is an opportunity for change - for opening a dialog between us. Here in Utah, almost 300,000 people voted against Amendment 3. I want you all to think about that for a minute. 830,000 people voted on that Amendment, and statistically only 83,000 of them where gay, lesbian, bisexual or trans gendered. That means, my fellow liberals, that we touched 217,000 heterosexual people. We talked to 217,000 people about our lives, our families, our feelings. We came out in newspapers, at work, in our neighborhoods, in our grocery stores... and this - all of this - is a huge step to awareness, understanding and compromise. I see Civil Unions, Equal Benefits, Domestic Partner Registries. I see it and it is coming...

On a personal note, this election forced me to decide what was most important in my life. I made a decision that my partner, my daughter and the commitment I made to both of them was much more important than anything I could ever do in my life. Our story needed to be told. And tell it I did, to anyone who would listen, including the Salt Lake Tribune, much to the chagrin to my extended family. My personal triumph was witnessing the hearts and minds of my coworkers and acquaintances opening, and then accepting, my happy, loving and normal family for just what it is, and then supporting us in defending it. The single happiest moment I experienced was the phone call I received from my mother Tuesday evening, saying, "I wanted you to know... I voted No."

Change is happening, albeit underground and slowly. It must begin in small ways, and it must continue with us. It will continue with our hands in the Food Bank and the Shelters, in the Parks and Rec and the Boys and Girls Clubs, at the AIDS Foundation and the Christmas Box House. Change happens with the hands right in front of you. Get involved. Don't forget this election or lament it. USE IT to fortify you for the next election, so we, as a party, can be stronger and wiser and united in our efforts to help all Utahns realize a better future. Be PROUD to be a Democrat.

When you are tired and depressed, think of Martin Luther King, Jr. Think of the many women who fought for the right to vote. Think of the Berlin Wall. Change can occur overnight - it just occurs over many, many nights. But it cannot occur without you.

I am looking ahead - 10 years ahead - 15 years ahead, when a now young man named Obama from Illinois might be primed for the Presidency, and we can look forward to an African American Democrat to put our support behind. What a wonderful day that would be! I can see the Democrat's time coming around, and it's coming soon...

I want to challenge each Utah Democrat to look at the elections in their Districts. Did you know that 12 Republicans ran for the House Unopposed? 12! That is shameful. I have met so many intelligent leaders-in-the-making over the last few months. STAND UP! Get ready! Your time is coming. Let's not have one single Republican run unopposed in any District Election ever again!

I also want to remind all of you of some of the positive things that came out of this campaign.

We put up a great candidate for Governor in Scott Matheson, Jr. He ran a smooth, well oiled and, above all, integrity-filled campaign. There is no disappointment from this Democrat as to who she voted for. We have yet to see the last of this fine gentleman. I think his father would be very proud.

We have Jim Matheson Re-elected, and while somewhat moderate for some of our tastes, he still firmly planted a lot of balls in our courts. Don't count him out just yet.

Lest we forget our wonderful Peter Corroon who stood his ground, despite all the controversy and won the Salt Lake County Mayoral Seat. I can't wait to see this man get to work on our county.

Representatives: Jackie Biskupski (our first openly Lesbian member of the House), Neil A. Hansen, LaWanna "Lou" Shurtliff, James R. (Jim) Gowans, Carl Duckworth, Duane Bourdeaux, Ralph Becker, David Litvack, Roz McGee, Brent H. Goodfellow, Ty McCartney, Neal B. Hendrickson, Mark Wheatley, Carol Spackman Moss, Patricia W. Jones, Tim Cosgrove, Karen W. Morgan, and Brad King.

Senators: Fred J. Fife and Mike Dmitrich

They will all represent us well.

Now is the time to ask - what will YOU do? Volunteer for the Homeless Shelters and the Heart Association, for Equality Utah and the GLCCU, for your fellow Utahn, for the Democratic Party. There is still much more work to be done and, with your energy and focus, it will be accomplished.

Keep The Faith,


Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The People Have Spoken

"We have no right to ask when a sorrow comes, "Why did this happen to me?" unless we ask the same question for every joy that comes our way " - Philip F. Bernstein.

Well, it’s over. I never had any delusions that the Amendment would fail, this is Utah after all. In fact I am quite encouraged at the numbers. I don’t look at the amount of people who voted for the Amendment, most of them are religious sheep who couldn’t have an original thought if they tried. I am encouraged at the numbers against the Amendment, gay and straight, who realized the travesty in denying the existence of gay, lesbian and non-traditional families. It was one of the closest margins of those states with a Marriage Amendment on the ballot, which is a victory for a very religious, Republican state. For that, I am proud.

The fight is far from over. The Amendment is Constitutionally flawed, and we know it. It never even went through a Constitutional Committee before being put out before the people to check that it would hold water. And it won’t. I am convinced it will be repealed on that basis alone. It will cost Utahns millions of dollars to defend and they will wish they’d never seen it. It’s a hollow victory.

Yes, the people have spoken, but so will the law. You can’t legislate the rights of your fellow American away.

"The fight for equal rights didn’t start with this campaign and it won’t end with this campaign." Scott McCoy, Executive Director, Don’t Amend Alliance

(1) Marriage consists only of the legal union between a man and a woman; and (2) no other domestic union may be recognized as a marriage or given the same or substantially equal legal effect. Marriage

1885 of 1912 precints reporting – 99% of total

Yes 66% 535,259
No 34% 294,312

As for the Presidential election, I am grateful Kerry conceded and didn’t drag out the whole process. It shows his level of integrity and his respect of the election process. I think it was a very close race, a lot closer than Bushco would have liked, and I think it puts Bush on alert – we are watching you.

I am not surprised at the level of Republicans elected to office. It fluctuates, and we will have to ride it out. I am encourage by the election of people like Barack Obama (D-Ill)... he’s the kind of hope for the future we can expect from the Democratic Party. We are on the comeback with strong, intelligent, thoughtful candidates who have vigor and strength.

Keep the faith, people. Keep the faith!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Toni's Grandma is the Bomb!!!


She rocks the house!

She's in the Tribune today and says what everyone who has ever fought with Social Security has wanted to say for a long time.


For those of you out of State, we have a Mayoral Seat for Salt Lake County, which was recently occupied by Nancy Workman. Ms. Workman was brought up on charges based on her approving public funds to be used to create jobs without going through proper channels... it's really a long story. Anywho, she's been indicted for 2 felony counts. Yes, she's Republican.

Initially, she ran for re-election. About 3 weeks ago, she pulled out of the election citing the stress of her indictment caused her to be "disabled" and she could not longer continue. She presented a doctor's note of disability. This was given to the County Clerk's office, who initially rejected it, stating it was far too vague (go Sherrie Swensen! You rock!), taken to court, where a judge said the same thing. It was appealled and the decision of the County Clerk and the judge was overturned and Ms. Workman was officially declared disabled.

Why all the hullabaloo?

Without a disability, the Republicans could not put forth a candidate after Workman dropped out of the race. Salt Lake County is the largest County in the state. The Repugs would not have a candidate. Many people in this state vote a straight party ticket and they are counting on those GOP party line voters to get their last minute replacement, Ellis Ivory, into office. Forget the fact that the other two candidates have been in this race from the beginning or that Ivory has no qualikfications. He agreed to fund his own campaign and put for almost half a million of his private fortune to do it. Yup, he's a Gold Ol' Boy for the Grand Ol' Party.

I can't even get priority parking at work with a doctors note of physical disability under the ADA, yet this woman is disabled because of stress? Give me a break!

Just About Sums it all Up

It all comes down to this, doesn't it? I have to stay positive. I have to believe in the cause, I have to believe that the people in this State really don't want to hurt my family. Throughout this campaign, I have tried my best to educate, but have I done enough? Have I talked to enough people? Have I opened enough minds?

My mind is swirled with incessant thoughts of "what if..."

I can't do anything. It's out of my hands. All except for one thing.

I can vote. And I can pray.

Send me all your well wishes and prayers. And please, if you're in Utah or in any State that has a marriage amendment on the ballot, please vote against it. Don't vote families like mine out of existance.

The Poor Voter on Election Day

John Greenleaf Whittier

The proudest now is but my peer,
The highest not more high;
Today, of all the weary year,
A king of men am I.

Today, alike the great and small,
The nameless and the known;
My palace is the people's hall,
The ballot-bow my throne!

Who serves today upon the list
Beside the served shall stand;
Alike the brown and wrinkled fist,
The gloved and dainty hand!

The rich is level with the poor,
The weak is strong today;
And sleekest broadcloth counts know more
The homespun frock of gray.

Today let pomp and vain pretense
My stubborn right abide;
I set a plain man's common sense
Against the pendant's pride.

Today shall simple manhood try
The strengthen of gold and land;
The wide world has not wealth to buy
The power in my right hand!

While there's grief to set redress,
Or balance to adjust,
Where weighs our living manhood less
Than Mammon's vilest dust-

While there's a right to need my vote,
A wrong to sweep away,
Up! clouted knee and ragged coat!
A man's a man today!