Sunday, June 30, 2002

Not Sure What's Wrong...

But suddenly my name is not posted at the bottom along with the time of my posts. I have reviewed my HTML and it is all in order... any suggestions?

Oh, My Freakin' Head

I should learn that a night at the Paper Moon inevitably ends up with a headache of some kind. The last two weekends have produced that result in different ways. You know, the clincal definition of insanity...

I will say, however, that both times, I did have my ass grabbed by an unknown person, although last night was much more adventurous. Dancing alone and with abandon seems to do me well. I had an old friend wrap her arm around me from behind and put her hand down my blouse, which was unexpected and a little ego-boosting! :) And I did have a couple who kept pulling me into their little circle to dance with them... it was obvious what THEY were looking for. Other than that, though, the highlight of the evening was dancing with drunken, straight birthday girl Kimmie to songs like "Bootylicious".

And, for the record, Grace is a little chicken shit. She told me she was going to get 3 numbers last night and ended up giving her number out to her former boss who we happened to run into (small world). I was showing her the women who were checking her out and making suggestions, but to no avail. Chicken shit.

Oh, and be careful when you make friends with the bartender. Grace and Dig talked for, like, 30 minutes while she was getting me water and by the time she came back, she was too drunk to drive! *big sigh* That's okay, next time, I get to have a Designated Driver! Tequila, here I come!! Did I mention how odd it was to scan women with your ex-wife? Odd, but freeing in a way.

Grace ended up crashing at my place and we went to breakfast this morning at Coachman's (which was really good). I was happy to see her head throbbing... heh heh! No Bloody Mary's for Grace, she had to settle for chopped sirloin steak and tomato juice, which helped tremendously. And the rest of the day consisted of shopping for The Mom, a hour-long nap with Grace (before she skeedaddled out the door to help Toni and then onto her date with Anne) and working on AVON.

All in all, not a bad weekend, rather slow and pleasant and I wish I had one more day...

Friday, June 28, 2002

The New Song I am Learning...

I'm Already Gone
Diamond Rio

I suppose I could stop it now
Say I didn't need it anyhow
Just walk away and let it go
Tip my hat and try to play it cool
Keep myself from being made a fool
I could pretend you don't already know


I'm already gone
I never thought I'd cross over the line
But it's way too late
Your love is just too strong
And I'm already gone

There's no doubt about how I feel
Both my hands are off the wheel
So now it's really up to you
This is something that I've never done
You know I've always been the first to run
Girl this time there's nothing I can do


Bridge: I tried to hard to keep the walls from falling
I found a hiding place and told my heart to wait


Courtesy of

"If you have been involved with or enjoyed the company of a female for 6 months to a year, then you can say that you know a woman. If you have been involved with or enjoyed the company of a female for 1 to 4 years, then you can say that you understand a woman. If you have been involved with or enjoyed the company of a female for 4 or more years, then you can say that you have learned from a woman."
--Reginald Williams

"Kindness in women, not their beauteous looks,
Shall win my love."
--William Shakespeare

The Liquor Store at 10:00 am

Cranky Greek Man is out of town on business. My co-worker decides that she and I are going to hurry and do all of our work and then bring lunch back to the office and have a bottle of wine. Well, I am all for that!

So, the Wine and Liquor store is 2 blocks from work and I headed down there to pick up a nice dry Chard to go with our Italian fare. As I am checking out the wine selection, I feel a pair of eyes checking me out. A lovely lady come up behind me, oozing “Family”, and asks if I know a good Chardonnay. We strike up a conversation as I admit I don’t have a freakin’ clue, I am just picking something up for work. Butchy, but not too butchy, and a rather attractive woman, lovely golden colored hair and probably about 35.

I select one, ask the Wine Store employee if it is dry and non-sweet (per co-workers request) and proceed to the checkout, all the while, this lovely lady following me… through the line, briefly chatting about how lucky I am to have a boss who lets me have some wine during the day… and then out to my car.

As I am getting in my car, she walks behind it and says, “Love your license plate,” and gives me a wink. Surprised, I look up to see her getting into her GORGEOUS white Chevy Silverado, all chromed out. I yell back “Love your truck!” Wow, what a smile… We exchanged understanding glances as I back out and head to work.

Big Sigh

Gawd, I needed that today!

Thursday, June 27, 2002

In My Head...

I'm Movin' On: Rascal Flatts.

Written by Phillip White and David Vincent Williams.
(© Murrah Music Corporation/W.B. Music Corp./Richard
And Kastle Publishing.)
From "Rascal Flatts", © 2000, Lyrics Street/Hollywood Records.

I've dealt with my ghosts and I've faced all my demons,
Finally content with a past I regret.
I’ve found you find strength in your moments of weakness,
For once I’m at peace with myself.
I’ve been burdened with blame, trapped in the past for too long,
I’m movin’ on,

I’ve lived in this place and I know all the faces,
Each one is different but they’re always the same,
They mean me no harm, but it’s time that I face it,
They’ll never allow me to change.
But I never dreamed home would end up where I don’t belong.
I’m movin’ on.

I’m movin’ on; at last I can see,
Life has been patiently waiting for me.
And I know, there’s no guarantee’s,
But I’m not alone.
There comes a time in everyone’s life,
When all you can see are the years passing by.
And I have made up my mind that those days are gone.

I sold what I could and packed what I couldn’t,
Stopped to fill up on my way out of town.
I’ve loved like I should, but lived like I shouldn’t.
I had to lose everything to find out.
Maybe forgiveness will find me somewhere down this road.
I’m movin’ on.

I’m movin’ on
I’m movin’ on.

Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Oh, What a Wonderful World

Hello all. Sorry I have been neglecting my duties here, but I must confess, I have had an emotional week. I won't go into details, those who know are already surely sick of my retelling and rehashing. I am learning new lessons, from new sources, and suffice to say, I haven't really progressed much.

So, I am writing poetry again, which tells you where I am at. The world sucks, I am out of chocolate, I must write p o e t r y...

Here is the latest. It's not very good, but writing always helps.

Through a Plate Glass Wall

My hand is pressed gently on the Plate Glass Wall.
My face is resting against it
like an eager child or a drunken man
gazing at the beauty just outside my reach.

It's almost as if I can touch
the future
I have been believing in for so long.

I soothe my tattered gut
by continuing to ache
pounding out words that hold no real meaning.

This Wall
holds me back.

Hope lies effortlessly on the air
you can taste it
and if you know what you're looking for
you can see it there in the short distance.

If I could just step beyond this boundary
I never created, anticipated...

But as hard as I try
I cannot break the Plate Glass Wall
separating me,
separating us.

You don't want me to.

It is your protection
and my downfall.

© Connie A. Anast, Anast & Associates Inc. 2002

Thursday, June 20, 2002

Try THIS, I know ya wanna....

Sunday, June 16, 2002

I Thought THIS was interesting... Compatibility Test

Your match with Dez
you are 63% complementary

How Compatible are You with me? Compatibility Test

Your match with Dylan
you are 70% similar
you are 84% complementary

How Compatible are You and Your Friends? Compatibility Test

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Grace's match with Connie

you are 69% similar

you are 92% complementary

How Compatible are You and
Your Friends?

Saturday, June 15, 2002

Hey Now, I DID Update my Blog!!

I don't know what the hell is up with Blogger, but I updated it twice and everytime I posted, it went into never never land somewhere... So I am giving it one last shot tonight...

I didn't go to Pride Day this year, I just didn't feel the urge. I know, I know, I should support the community, but it is interesting that as a bi-sexual female, I tend to be discriminated against in my own community. Oh, well. My friends love me for who I am and that is all that matters...

So, so much to talk about, so little brain power to do it in. I think JJ accurately described our INCREDIBILY ORGASMIC experience at The Melting Pot on Monday. I will definately list that as my favorite restaurant next to Macaroni Grill.

Wednesday was AVON delivery day (and Jennifer's sister had her Baby!!!).
Thursday, met up with a new friend for coffee and dinner.
Friday went to Scooby Doo and had dinner over at Gracie's (she makes a mean halibut dinner...) and have been bumming out today. Ran to the bank and to the store for The Mom, had my nails done, you know, the usual "get everything accomplished" kind of day. The Mom is having surgery at Death Valley... oops, I meant Pioneer Valley... on Tuesday to release the tendons in one of her hands (and when that is healed, she will be going back in for the other hand). This is a symptom of her fibromyalgia from the breast implants. The Bastards. So we are preparing a turkey and some other things I can just pop in the Micro for The Dad. I took Tuesday off work to be with her so The Dad won't worry. Knowing The Mom, she will be cooking for everyone by the next day!

Looking forward to doing nothing tomorrow, just lunch with The Dad. I bought him a tattoo for Father's Day, a beautiful Eagle in front of a billowing American Flag, and he is pleased. It took him 40 years to finally get it and I was very pleased with the experience. The artist, Justin at ASI, was FABULOUS, and made my Dad feel very comfortable as they chatted about everything under the sun and really had a nice time. The Dad was in the chair for 3 hours, and it turned out great, although now it is in the healing stage. The Mom says it looks more like a fighting chicken than an Amercian Eagle! *lol* Justin underbid another cocky asshole at ASI, so I ended up giving him a $55 tip because he was so respectful and real with The Dad. So, if you are looking for an artist - go to ASI on State and ask for Justin!!! (My artist has since moved on and owns his own studio now, so Justin will be doing my Tinkerbell tat, as soon as I can find her...)

Well, going to go for now. Hope all is well in your world, and feel free to comment on my ever-expanding wisdom and immense charm... or tell me my blog sucks ass. Either way!