Monday, July 30, 2001

Love out to Dylan. I'm sending out good energy to you, my friend.

Still Jacked Up, Baby...
So, I was going to spend the morning fixing my page. For some odd reason, all of my entries are dated at 6:15 pm, no matter when I Blog them. How odd. I also noticed that my Pearl 'O Wisdom was lost when I chose my wonderful Little Pink Kitty motif. So, I try to log in to Blogger (an eon passes) and I try to access Templates, name it...and I sit. And wait. And wait even more. I have the Broadband access, so I KNOW this shouldn't be taking so fucking long. Oh, well, I think. I will just Blog and fix the shit later.

Gracie had an excellent night, and her need for ice packs is dwindling. Right now, she is playing Final Fantasy on her Playstation, so that will keep her entertained for a few hours. We attempted a shower, which was an adventure all of it's own. She can't have her bandages wet, and since she is wrapped up from the top of her knees to her toes, literally, that makes a shower impossible. She can't sit in the tub and stick her legs out since it would take a Vatican-certified miracle to get her back out. So I got in the shower, had her sit on the edge of the tub and showered her the best I could. Even washed her hair. I lined the floor (and her legs) with towels since I knew there would be buckets of water on the floor, and you know what, it worked. She is clean, dry and happy. It's only until Wednesday, since they will prolly take out her stitches and allow her to shower like a normal person.

Sunday, July 29, 2001

Whew! Never thought I would get here!

Blogger is jacked up tonight for some gawd-awful reason. That's okay, I'll just briefly outline recent events.

Gracie's surgery went well, she is re-couping fine. Her surgeon gave her the choice whether or not to go under full anethesia or have a spinal block, essentially an epidural. She chose spinal, which is good and bad in various areas. She is not allowed to walk stairs for 2 weeks, what with both her knees out of commission, and ice and Darvocet are her best friends. Besides me, that is, who is catering to her every whim and whimper. I have been so grateful to Jennifer for dropping by a few times to supply a little smile, a lot of encouragement and a couple of trips up and down the stairs when it looked like I was ready to pass out.

You see, I set Gracie up in our room upstairs, to have first class access to the bathroom. The only problem is the kitchen is down stairs, so when we have to change her ice packs (every three hours, thank you) or get her something to eat (almost every three hours *grin*) I am lugging my ass up and down these awfully narrow stairs. I guess it's good strength-training.

Gracie has had a few visitors; my sister, my parents (who brought her 3 cases of pop, 6 candy bars and a velvet picture she is supposed to is rather adorable...), Toni, and, of course, the aforementioned God-Send, Jennifer. Oh, I am supposed to relay that LORENE NO LONGER HAS STICK-POKING PRIVILEDGES as she FAILED TO VISIT or even CALL Gracie after her surgery. The Deathmatch will be scheduled for an appropriate time after Gracie's re-couperation.

She is starting to sleep better now, and I am grateful. I feel like a mother, sleeping for a couple hours, then up for a couple hours, down for an hour, up for three...the nights are fabulous. I must look like the walking dead. But I am happy to report that we had a 2 hour nap today, I made a gorgeous veggie lasagna, and I finally got to bathe. Oooooohhh....showers are niiiiiice.

Oh, by the way, if anyone asks, I am in Phoenix. I told everyone at work, except JJ of course (who always knows better), that I was still heading out to Phoenix simply because I didn't want to be bothered this week. It's my vacation, dammit, and if I want to spend it in bed with Gracie...well...kinda...sorta.......well, I'm gonna. And I don't want to be called and bugged because it's month end. Everyone else at work takes time off whenever they goddamn well feel like it, I'm entitled, too!!!


I feel much better now.

Does anyone know where I put my Xanax? *chuckle*

OH! UPDATE!! Going on the 8th week smoke-free. I think I did it. I really do. I was having cravings today, but I think it was cuz I am tired. I am so happy, I never dreamed I would quit. *Happy Happy Dance*

Well, kids, I am gonna run up the damned stairs again and bring Gracie some ice water. Much love to you all, call or stop by when you get a chance.

Tuesday, July 24, 2001

Sorry for the Absence...

I am a schmuck, I know. I don't update my life. I wish I could blog at work, it would save so much time. Although lately, work has been hell, so I prolly would have gotten it updated

HAPPY BELATED B-DAY TO LORENE who we all celebrated with on the 22nd. The party was great Dylan, we had a good time. The only way it could be better is with a pinata, but I understand not acquiring one for safety reasons. After all, Jeffie AND Jeremy were in attendance. *smirk*

BE SURE TO MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR THE WEEKEND OF SEPTEMBER 8-9. For it is MY 29th b-day and Lorene is planning a party it at Grace's request. Lord, help us all. This is the weekend before everyone trots off to Mesquite. I don't think I will do the "hot tub" thing at my place this year, considering the naked-drunken-Olympic-events of last year, so we'll have to come up with something more entertaining. And, Jeremy, no Strippers...

Speaking of Gracie (not strippers...), for those of you who did not know, her surgery was postponed until this Friday, the 28th. She will be having both knees done, so she will be out for a while, sorry to say in light of Scottie's return behind the Zion curtain that weekend and the festivities at El Chijuajua's. I would love to see little Michelle spatting out slurs at Brian. That's funny...That's comedy... Anyways, feel free to give us a visit, she should be home on Saturday, that is, if they keep her overnight, which I think they will.

I'm gonna run. Love to y'all. Blog ya later...

Friday, July 13, 2001

Back From The Hospital...

JJ had already checked out by the time I got there, it was a quick one. She's not hurt, just sore and bruised up. Her car is in worse condition that her body. I feel bad for her, this was her dream car. She had purchased it with the intent of completely restoring it, although it was in excellent condition when she got it. So, now she gets the wonderful priviledge of having an insurance company tell her that her car isn't worth anything and try to scrap it (they do that with a lot of older cars nowadays...) . It will work out, I suppose.

Dylan's suggestion for us to check out was a wonderful idea! My firewall at work won't let me thru, but I have it playing right now on my computer. It's easy to customize and I really enjoy the variety! Thanks, Dylan!!!

Oh, This is FUN!!!

So, I read Scottie's blog with much enjoyment. I linked from there to Susan's blog, also very enjoyable, and from there found the Poetry Generator. This is a kick! Here is a generated poem about my weblog here:

Reality is being an ENTIRE kitchen in
Jordan, dinner at 7:07
PM Technical
Difficulties Okay,
so no one Sarah
Mclaughlin, the short People not me
the vacation. So, Ken emails me
about your post! : it was EVERYWHERE...
Everything got the carpets
but by the credit on them like as
would be sure to clean very nice Asian fruit cocktail
mmmmmm....I am Lazy Morning little
ones. Saturday June 29, AM heading
to fire me, Gimme a rescue the
credit on the last 5 07 PM
LORENE!!!! Update your future, but
I need a new one I
have to sleep.

What a RIOT!!

This Day Sucked

So, as you can see from the last post, AT&T decided to go down JUST as it was time for Ken and I to chat...and it stayed down for 3 hours. Then, I try to logon tonight, as Ken would be available, and ICQ gives me a default page error in the ICQcore.dll file. So, I uninstall ICQ, and reinstall ICQ and I am still getting the same damn error! I am pissed.

Then my friend Janet (JJ) calls me from my office at work...she was rear-ended by a 2000 Ford Explorer on the way home from work..caused a 4-car accident. She just recently purchased the car of her dreams... a beautiful '68 Firebird...absolutely GORGEOUS.

So, now I am heading to the ER to help her...I'll chat later

THIS POST WAS ORIGINALLY POSTED ON 7/12/01 AT 7:15pm MST My AT&T Broadband went down while it was posting...

Lorene...Lorene...Lorene ("is a butt-head" - courtesy of Gracie...)
Defend yourself? *Laugh* More like, "Let's drown Connie in China Red wood stain!" I am STILL finding red flecks of paint in my bathwater. I don't know how you did it, but I think you stained me more than the furniture...but I digress...

Tick tock Tick tock

Welcome to another wonderous day where everything went wrong. Well, not everything. At least I came home to a house intact. Work was hell, looks like they are getting ready to fire some people (not me) so things are pretty weird there. I am glad to be home.

Gracie just got back from seeing Final Fantasy the movie. Her review? "I LOVED the movie!" She's played the game for a while now and while she admits it's not perfect, she enjoyed it for what it was, her being a gamer and a computer geek. She also said the trailer for Spiderman looked amazing. She and her brother are going to see Planet of the Apes on premier day. Me, I'd rather not. I'm glad she is going out with her brother to see those manly type of movies. Me? Gimme a good Sandra Bullock movie any day of the week. *grin*

So, now I wait for the 8:00 hour. My friend Ken from Arizona who is temporarily in Sydney is going to log on from his side of the world in about 30 minutes so we can chat on ICQ. Coordination is the only way to keep in touch nowadays.

Wednesday, July 11, 2001

So I have a Question...

Has anyone ever met someone, either through a friend online or in real life, and knew, just knew, that you had a connection that went beyond that moment...almost as if you and this other person had been friends for years? I have just experienced that recently and it's tripping me out. I chat with this person online and I feel like, as I have said before, that we were twins separated at birth, forget the fact that we have a 2 year age difference. We spell things alike, like colour, valour, honour, the old English way that my HS teachers tried to break me of. We even have some of the same sayings online..."whhaaaaaatt?" being the most frequently used. It is...bizzarre. WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THIS KIND OF CONNECTION?


Now, now, then. I can't believe you are blantanly LYING to all our friends...YOU were the first to wield the brush on me...on my leg, if I remember right...I just matched you paint-soaked stroke for stroke. Be nice to me if you want Spanikopita and fudge for your b-day party!!! I know, I're cute.

Oh, the Joys of Parenthood

I come home this afternoon to find the entire kitchen in a shambles, courtsey of my poochie, Abbie. The little *cough* darling had jumped up onto the kitchen table, knocking down a very large Aloe Vera plant (which had just been freshly potted), chewing through a 10-pound bag of red potatoes, a few apples, the Yellow Pages, and the creme' de la creme', an ENTIRE box of Devils Food Zingers. She also knocked over her water dish, which is a self dispensing one, carrying about a gallon of fresh was EVERYWHERE...

Everything got cleaned up, pretty much, we'll have to clean the carpets but that's a given, and I called the Emergency Pet center, since I was worried about chocolate toxicity. The vet tech told me the Zingers were more sugar than chocolate, so I shouldn't worry too much. It would be different if she ate a Snickers bar or something. I just have to watch her for signs of toxicity, which include vomiting, excessive drooling, sensitivity to light and sound and seizures. The tech said she would prolly just run herself into the ground because she is so full of sugar and then crash for the rest of the night. Good Lord, I didn't sign up for this!

It's 3am...

And I am blogging. I couldn't sleep, thought I would catch up on some email and then go back to sleep. Real World was if I thought I would be anything BUT...I miss the older days of Real World. This is just a 20's prance-fest.

Tuesday, July 10, 2001

Update your freakin' blog, girl!! For those of you who ever want to help Lorene with a project, just be sure it does not involve paint of ANY sort. Lorene, although she is cute, loves to paint legs, arms, any skin showing. Don't worry, I will be planning my revenge... muhahahahahahaaaa....

Oh, Dylan...thanks for fixing your link sweetie. Now, could you email me the site you told me about at Chili's on the 4th...cuz I forgot! And update your blog, too!

Real World X is on, so I'm gonna jet. Blog ya soon!


The new Melissa Etheridge CD Skin is out! And my lovely 'lissa is back, with a vengence, babay! I really didn't care for her last release Breakdown, except for the song Scarecrow, which was dedicated to the memory of Mathew Shepherd, the young gay man killed in Wyoming. Everything else just seemed...not...her. I LOVE this new release, it has Melissa's spark and flirtatious lyrics. I watched a VH-1 special of her last night (oh, Gawd, I must be getting older) and she is listed as VH-1's Artist of the Month. She was performing alone, with her guitar, some of her classics (Come To My Window, You Can Sleep While I Drive, and my personal all-time favorites, Somebody Bring Me Some Water and Like The Way I Do). Man, she was incredible, sexy, driving, sensual, talented...'lissa is back, my friends! And her latest CD shows it tenfold. It's almost as if the last 5 years brought her back to her inner voice. I would HIGHLY recommend this CD to anyone who is a Melissa fan from the earlier days. Not to mention some FABU pictures in her CD jacket. I am absolutely thrilled.

Technical Difficulties

Okay, so I finally get some time to update my blog, and the publishing is "temporarily unavailable". Damn. Well, I guess I can post and publish later. What's a few hours, or a day, when I haven't written for a week?

Let's Connie's Universe today...
Oh, found out my friend from Arizona will be back in town early, so I started planning my trip at the end of July again. For those of you who don't know, the trial for Marc Atkinson's murders starts on July 30th. I had made arrangements, and booked a flight, to attend the beginning of the trial, but the Universe was so kind and changed my plans. First, they closed the courtroom. Second, the friend, Ken (aka William), I was going to stay with got a promotion and ended up getting sent to Sydney for 2 months. So, that just decided my trip for me! I didn't do anything with my ticket, I figured I could use the credit on a new ticket when I wanted to take a vacation. So, Ken emails me on Monday, he is coming home early! WHUT WHOO!! I start planning to head down on the 30th anyway just to kick back and veg, then he emails me today, and tells me he is going to Denver during the week I would be visiting. Dashed, once again. Oh, well. I guess it wasn't meant to be. There must be a reason for all of this.

Wednesday, July 04, 2001

Oh, DYLAN...

Thanks for the smelly comment about me. But fix my link, baby, no one can find me off your post! :)

And I am happy to report Toni has joined our little Blogfest. Welcome!

Speaking of Tomb Raider...

Glad to see Lorene didn't think it sucked. A LOT of critics did, however. (This one in particular REALLY didn't have nice things to say...) I enjoyed the movie, probably for the most plentiful reason, Angelina Jolie. Gawd, could I get more pathetic? I spent last weekend in an Angelina-fest, courtesy of Jennifer and her ever abundant video collection.

For the most part, I agree with some of the critics, including our own loveable snogable Jeffie. But, really now, what the hell were they looking for? This was not meant to be a cinematic masterpiece, it was meant to allow those of us who have played Tomb Raider to submurge ourselves in the simplistic gorgeousness of Lara Croft, who more than 90% of the players either wanted to BE or to HAVE. Angelina is Lara. Anything else is just stuffing. Although the appearence of a one Christopher Barrie THRILLED Red Dwarf fans like Jennifer, Gracie and I (although, I kept looking for the "H" on his forehead). I wish he would have had more screen time.

But I keep remembering, these are the some of the same critics who loved Pulp Fiction.

Movies don't necesarily have to have a rich plot, finely detailed acting and masterful direction. Some things are like a box of Godiva. They are just meant to be enjoyed without thought. Don't get me wrong, I love a really, really good movie, too. Sometimes, I am just in the mood to be lost, and Tomb Raider is one of those type of movies.

Lazy Morning

It's the Fourth of July! And I am here, in my pj's writing blogs! Whut Whoo!! Actually, I spent the morning shopping for CD's online (bought 8...but, hey, 6 were free) and realized I am not as diverse in my tastes as I previously thought. Either that, or I need a Diet Coke. The choices were mostly to "fill in" the holes in my CD collection.

Some of Connie's items today included 2 of Melissa Etheridge's albums I did not previously have on CD, one Tori Amos, one Sarah Mclaughlin, the Corrs latest, Eiffel 65 (for Grace, she really digs on that Blue song, Jennifer Lopez (shut up, Dylan), and Pink. I really wanted the soundtrack to Tomb Raider, but, alas, it's not there. I wanted to get Moulin Rouge soundtrack for Gracie, but it also wasn't there. That's the only problem with online stores vs Media Play.

The one I joined, BMG, is one of the better ones. I am happy. Except I forgot to respond to one of the "Featured Selections" in time (my work firewall won't let me thru and since my home computer was down...). So, now I get the pleasure of owning Shaggy's Hot Shot. Yeah. Anyone want it? I'll give it to you!!!


Okay, so I have a column, as lame as it is. At least I am an unpaid regular writer. I am aspiring! and my column On The Other Hand are my notepads for random thought, much like Blogger. In my column for July, I have mentioned this place and am hoping more and more people I know create blogs.

I wish I had more time to dedicate to writing. I pulled out some of my old poetry and stories the other day, from right after high school, when all I wanted to do was curl up in my pajamas and write of the torment of my life. Whatever. The funny thing is, it's almost hard to believe these are my actual words. The poetry good. It's almost as if someone else entirely wrote it, which I guess is true since I was a different person all together. I wish I could tap into that again.

Monday, July 02, 2001

Newbie Blogger Questions

I'm does one add a poll to their Blog? Dylan? You would know...

Complete Exhaustion

So, this weekend was a busy one. Saturday was great, AVON at my mom's and Gracie doing yardwork. Plus, my mom is the proud owner of a new white purebred toy poodle. His name is still up for grabs, but there were some creative suggestions...CottonNuts was my father's favorite. I think the day ended with Sir Randolph William CottonBalls. Dogs make people crazy!

Sunday was just as busy, spent the day with Gracie and Jennifer, and it was wonderful! We had brunch, then off to see Shrek (WHAT A CUTE MOVIE!!!) at Jordan Commons, flower and yard shopping at Target (all garden supplies 75% off!), a visit to the new Asian Market in West Jordan, dinner at Ruby Tuesdays and games at Gasoline Alley. Jennifer has become quite the green thumb, taught me how to put a hanging flower pot together properly, I hadn't ever really done that kind of thing. We were soooo exhausted by the time we got to bed at 10:30. Poor Gracie's knees were killing her, but luckily we found some white Tiger Balm at the Asian Market, so she's happy. Can't wait for her surgery to be over with so she will be out of pain. And she was pleased with the Longan, Lychee and Toddy Palm Root we picked up there, too. Oh, man, you have never had fruit cocktail until you've had Asian fruit cocktail...mmmmmm....

I have to say, if you want a very clean, very nice Asian Market, this new one is just off of Bangerter and 6200 South (Dixie Valley strip mall) and is simply WONDERFUL. I am so happy they opened. There is also an exquisite Thai restaurant next door. If you can't find me at any given time, I will probably be there shopping or eating... I just hope people find them and patronize their establishments or they will go under, just like all my other favorite places.

And now, 'tis Monday and back at work am I, eating asian coconut jelly candies (great for the blood sugar...tee hee). My boss is still in Arizona, which makes this Monday quite pleasant. I am going to try to post this here, hopefully the firewall won't screw it up. If so, I'll be sure to save it to email and post it from home tonight.