Saturday, April 27, 2002

Waiting for the AVON...

So, while I am waiting I thought I would catch you up on the end of my week.

Wednesday was pretty interesting. There is a small cafe right across the street from work, just a little hole in the wall, with room for about 20 people and a small bar which seats another 4. Nothing too fancy, but a place that attracts regulars and who is famous of burgers, chili and french fries cooked to order. Since I only have a 30 minute lunch usually, I hop over there.

It was really busy on Wednesday, so the only place I could sit was up at the bar... as usual, only one seat left. I walked up to the bar and asked the gentlemen next to it if anyone was sitting there, and he graciously folded up his newspaper and beconed me to join him. We chit-chatted for a while and ended up having a wonderful conversation. 40ish and handsome, Steve is the owner of a landscaping company. We talked about all sorts of things, traveling, computers, business, you name it. We came to the conclusion that people don't really talk to each other anymore, and places like Carl's Cafe were a dying breed. We parted ways, hoping that we would run into each other again, two regulars who always eat single for lunch.

I then went with JJ shopping at Office Max. Love the Office Max! Had dinner, walked the mall a bit and headed back. We were both sooooo tired.

Thursday, Jennifer and I went up to the U of U's fine arts center to screen the Documentary "The Smith Family", directed and produced by Tasha Oldham, one of the girls we graduated with and who was in Senior Drama with us. It was a very well done doumentary. Steve and Kim Smith, residents of Salt Lake, married out of High School and had 2 sons. Very religious and devoted to the LDS church, after about 9 years of marriage, Steve confesses to Kim that he was unfaithful to her several times, with other men. Kim tests positive for HIV, Steve ends up dying of full blown AIDS. The kick to the story is that Steve and Kim stay together, as a family, and Kim helps Steve through until he passes, with a kind of love and devotion to one another that most people never find. It was very well produced, and spans the course of about 2-3 years, focusing on interviews with Steve, Kim and their families.

"The Smith Family" was chosen to open up PBS's POV documentary series this summer, and will premiere on June 25th at 9:00 pm. I encourage everyone to watch it. Jen and I are very proud of Tasha, who now lives in LA and is the Script Supervisor for Disney's "Even Stevens".

Friday consisted of bringing dinner home to the parents from a wonderful little Samich shop by work and vegging out in front of the computer, catching up on email and chatting with friends until about 2:30 in the morning.

And now, I sit and wait for my AVON to show up. They are only 6 hours late. Gawd, I hate this new driver. I hope I see it today!

Courtesy Of Missives Anonymous...

Jean Grey
I'm Jean Grey

Goodness Gracious, you're everyone's favourite do-gooder Jean Grey, also known as Phoenix. You look after your teammates, get along with everyone, have a wonderful man who loves you and have pretty much achieved perfection. But look out when you're PMSing and you become Dark Phoenix: a raging homicidal bitch with a knack for causing trouble.

What X-Men Character are You?

Tuesday, April 23, 2002

Oh, This is to Treasure...

Are you SURE you're straight? Huh? Huh? Nudge, nudge...

Courtesy of A Blog of Note... who has a Tab link.... is this 6 degrees to Skattie or what? So, does this mean we're related?

GAWD, I needed that!

So, today was a day from hell. It seems that work has been really hectic lately. I feel like I am constantly running, getting nowhere. So, today when I came home, jumped in the shower and started my "de-stress" routine. Wanna hear about it? Sure ya do, otherwise you wouldn't have wandered to my blogspot to begin with.

Washed and conditioned my hair with Pantene Curls, shaved my legs (OHMIGAWD, can't remember when I WANTED to do that), exfoliated with AVON's Emadame Exfoliating Soy Shower Gel, got out, wrapped my hair in the Turbie Twist, lotioned with AVON's Emadame Cream, then proceeded with my facial: AVON Clearskin Deep Pore Cleanser, AVON Deep Heat Mask (this stuff is wonderful), AVON's Porefection Mattifier, AVON's Botanisource Moisturizer, AVON's Botanisource Eye Gel (absolute Heaven) and Strawberry lip balm. Now I feel like a whole new woman!!!! So, if you wanted to know what the AVON lady uses, there it is. (The links take you to the catagories, I hope you can find those products).

Gracie called from St Louis, then from Florida. She made it safely to the airport, not sure if she'll make it safely to the curb with her luggage, but we'll see. She said the Neo-Nazi Security Rent-a-cops weren't really bad, so I am pleased to know that. She was checked THREE times, even wanted her to run her $20 film through the xray machines. She actually told them HOW to check her film so they didn't ruin it... and they listened! I can see it now, Gracie in her Security Officer Teaching stance, feet apart, chest proud, in her "teacher" voice: "Now, look, the package is sealed, obviously it hasn't been tampered with, now run the explosive tracer around it, there ya go, now let it pass, because if you put it through the xray machine, it will destroy this caliber of film, there ya are, nice job, Sparky!" I hope she has a nice time, and gets some much deserved fishing, partying time with the Gang out there.

Well, looks like I am going to start writing for Pencilstubs again. Not sure what this column will be about, but it will be thoughtful, emotionally provoking, and generally off the top of my head. So, I think I will get to that now... or run to watch the Real World. Wanna see that bitch Tonya cry her wittle eyes out. Blog ya later.

CD PLAYING: James Taylor's Greatest Hits, Volume One

Sunday, April 21, 2002

I KNEW I liked Jennifer Tilly

And not just because of the movie Bound (thump, thump).


Oh, Lord...I am Sure I am Going to Hell for This One

For my agnostic, atheist and otherwise headonistic friends: Jesus Dress Up

And Jesus' Blog

Everyone is going to hell.

Wonderful Weekend

Saturday night's festivities were wonderful, in spite of the drunken party-goers next to us and one snobby-assed waitress. Next time, I'd like to enjoy the restaurant in a more relaxed seating area.

I spent today just bumming around, getting all of my AVON stuff in order to send in tomorrow. Oops, I just remembered that I forgot to call Jennifer. Damn. I'll call her tomorrow.

I bought a new CD burner, which is fabulous. It's a Polaroid BurnMAX 32, faster than hell, and reasonably priced, with rebates. Gracie installed it today after she got off of work, then stuck around and played computer games, harassed JJ, and had dinner with us. Wish I had more time on the weekends, but it's alright.

New Mantra down below, check it out. Love India.Arie's music, and this one is my favorite. I've been having some serious talks with myself about self-image and esteem, and this song really spoke to me.

Well, gonna run for the evening, hope all is well with you in your world. Sometimes I wonder if anyone actually reads my blog or just checks it to see if I have written on it. Naw, no one reads this thing. *smooches*

Saturday, April 20, 2002



Hey There!

It has been an interesting week, let me tell you. AVON majorly screwed up my order, and, long story short, I have a fabulous leader who was able to help me put together some promos that otherwise would have been shit. I absolutely love my AVON business, but it takes a lot of time to do everything, and I feel strapped for any breathing room lately. Sometimes I feel as if I am always running, but not to or from anything, just running.

Had a "girls nite" with JJ and Kristen last night, and it was amazingly fun. We soaked our feet, drank wine and ate salads, desserts and chocoate fondue. More ladies were invited, but it ended up only being the 3 of us, which I think was Divinely inspired. I gave Kristen a pedicure and just shared all those girlie feelings with each other. It is amazing to me how someone who you've only known for such a short while can be so close to you in spirit. Kristen and JJ are simply amazing women. The 3 of us are in such different places in our lives, but share a synchronicity that I haven't found very easily in today's world. It's nice to bask in wonderful estrogen! I ended up drinking waaaaay too much wine and crashing on JJ's couch. Luckily I brought a change of clothes in anticipation of such a situation.

NEW WINE RECOMMENDATION: Thanks to JJ - Muscat Dessert Wine... tastes like golden honey sunshine, perfect for a pampered evening with strawberries and chocolate... plus, it's imported from Greece! Reasonably priced at $9.00/bottle.

Loving the new computer. Haven't had much time to play on it, but I am spending the early afternoon catching up. Tonight is Toni & Rob's anniversary party at Bucca deBepo's. I am looking forward to it. Hopefully, I won't be so tired I can't enjoy the wonderful company.

Well, gonna jump, Gracie will be here to pick me up soon. HOLLER!

Wednesday, April 17, 2002

I Am A Small Purple Paramecium
Take the What Will Your Result To This Quiz Be? Quiz
by napoleonherself, if you are so inclined.

Which PPG are you?

Okay, these Gawddamned things are addicting...

What kind of drunk are you?

This one was the funniest of the three.. the others were Condeferate Justice Aasta and Lovie Angel Aasta ... niiiiice...

My Mormon name is BoChe' Aasta!
What's yours?

I've always enjoyed his work...

Well, he was charming... *eek*

Which Evil Criminal are You?


I know I have been bad. It has been waaaaay too long, and you are all anxious to hear my daily ramblings.

Well, Now you get your chance.

Today, AT&T knocked a big hole in the wall of my office and granted me the keys to the internet kingdom (I can hear Lorene in the background saying, "Thank Gawd!"). G and our friend Alan built me an AWESOME computer, which I absolutely LOVE. Now, my AVON business can get organized, and I can email at will, bugging you with endless stories of my seemingly amazing Pop-Star life.

Ok, whatever.

I promise to be a good girl and update my blog, although life has been sorta strange lately, not sure if y'all want to hear about it or not.

And I will be able to write columns for again. Mike is excited and I think I am, too.

So, hope all is well in your world, and Blog at ya later. Take care of each other!